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  • Hi and thanks for the wonderful plugin. I could use tables by adding them like HTML code but I think you have created a tool rather than just a fancy page element! SO enough with the ass kissing 🙂 :

    The situation:

    1. I have a table and in the td’s you can see the titles of category posts
    2. I have used a category listing plugin called List category posts
    3. Users have to login to post comments from the frontend but can also view the table without logging in, without the ability to post though
    4. Here is the problem:

    1. When you login and post you can see the posts both logged in and not
    2. when you delete a post though, sometimes it keeps on displaying to logged out users whether you delete it from the frontend or the backend
    3. I d say there is a refresh question for the contents.
    4. Plugin used to post is gravity forms in lightbox plus
    5. PHP code used to delete comments from frontend which is not in use now. Last comments I deleted were from the backend. Would appreciate if you know a php code or a plugin that gives a user the option to delete ONLY his comments or posts
    6. Plugin used to list the category is List category posts
    7. If it is important for you to know which other plugins I use I can make a list for you.

      Thanks for your help!

      p.s.: When I used a handcoded table the refresh was working which is why I post it my question here. I am not using this version though because of the export options your plugin has and because it is easier to handle for sure!

    My problem is that I use the tables with a category listing plugin. So I have the titles of all the post in different categories in different cells. Users need to login to post from the frontend but they can also see the table without logging in. So the problem is:

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