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Data issue with jetpack stats when cloning sites (4 posts)

  1. Adrian Martin
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi there. I was searching and reading various post related to Data Lost in jetpack with Jeremy Herve responses but I still didnt find the right one for my problem.

    I have a primary site puntonautico.com.ar
    that I used to clone for a second one marinesur.com.ar

    after cloning, all stats of site 1 in wordpress account migrated too. what im trying to say is that: you log into https://dashboard.wordpress.com/stats with the new account created for second site marinesur.com.ar, all 10 month of puntonautico.com.ar stats appears, when they should stay into de puntonautico.com.ar account, not migrated.

    I`ve tryed to conect and disconnetc but the problem presist.
    I didnt change the puntonautico.com.ar url so i guess that blog id shouldnt have changed.

    I`m confused and will be very greatfull if anyone can give me any clue to solve this.
    And maybe how to prevent this issue when cloning a site with jetpack.


  2. Jeremy Herve
    Jetpack Mechanic
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Cloning the site is most likely what created the problem.

    With Jetpack, your stats information is connected to a unique blog ID. When you cloned your site, your also copied the Blog ID, and started using it on your new site.
    When you disconnected and reconnected to WordPress.com on that new site, a new blog ID was created and your stats appeared to be lost.

    I have now fixed the issue, and you should be able to get your Stats and Subscribers back by going to the Jetpack menu in both dashboards, and disconnecting / reconnecting to WordPress.com.

    In the future and when cloning sites, you will want to avoid copying the jetpack_options row from the wp_options table in your database, to avoid copying a blog ID from one blog to the other.

  3. Adrian Martin
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks Jeremy for your help and recomentation.

    I`ve done disconnecting / reconnecting and now I see original stats in site 1 that were lost, but still see the same data in new migrated site too. Is there a way to delete this stats to start from scratch in new site?
    thanks again.

  4. Jeremy Herve
    Jetpack Mechanic
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I checked the data currently associated to marinesur.com.ar, and I can see 3 days of data.

    If you see another set of stats in your dashboard, could you try to disconnect and reconnect to WordPress.com once again?

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