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  • hello to all…
    im nearly ready to roll this one out:
    ( no outbound links switched on yet )
    ive played around quite a bit with the CSS and the INDEX files – so….
    im keen to know what it looks like in other browsers/OS as ive only really
    tested in IE 6 on PC…
    the page should look like this
    am particularly keen to know if its ok in FireFox and Safari and
    generally if its ok on the mac..
    very much appreciate this..

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  • I get no header logo in Firefox 1.0 PR. Looking at the sources, the <div id=”header”> </div> is empty..

    thanx for the feedback…. i took that header copy out and only wanted a background image.. do you see that?

    Nope, I do not. Nor do I see any of the other pictures in your posts. I can see them fine in IE6, but in Firefox, for your posts Input/Output, The Senster is Dead!, and DataisNature all I see is +

    thats strange.. all ive done is linked images from the body of the post, is that an illegal move?

    I seem to see the same thing using IE 6.0 and Firefox 1.0RC1

    thanx oleg..
    yep i finally just got around to getting my firefox working ( i was having weird connection problems and have been too busy to afford the luxury of another browser )
    I fired it up and i see all the images fine in there… just need a little MAC feedback now

    Everyting seems ok in Safari 1.2 and also no problems using Firefox 1.0RC1 on the Mac.

    thanx tenko.. this baby is going live today *proper* hopefully…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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