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    Hi there,

    Great work on making this! It’s exactly what we’re looking for, the only problem is that we want to update the numbers ourselves. Is there any way we could do this? Could it be entered manually or scraped from a Google sheet?

    Thank you.


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    Hello @michael4826

    That’s not possible from plugin settings or via shortcode. It’s receiving data via get request from NovelCOVID Api as mentioned in plugin description.

    Plugin source code is available on github. If you can structure data to JSON file in same format then it’s possible to use your own data.

    Check NovelCOVID docs. https://disease.sh/docs/#/Default/get_v2_all

    Try to make a response then structure your own data similarly in JSON file with total cases, deaths, critical etc. Check response for US here. https://disease.sh/v2/countries/US

    For country stats, modify corona-covid-stats/components/WidgetCountry.js file. Change URL inside axios.get(‘https://disease.sh/v2/countries/country_name’) to your own JSON file and it should work.

    If you like this plugin, can you please make a review with 5 star rating. It will take a few seconds. Thanks.

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    Hi Sajjad, thanks for your reply.

    I’ve tried converting my Google sheet into JSON but it’s too different. I’m not sure how I can fix this so sadly I’m not able to use your plugin. But it works well for what it was intended to do so I gave a 5 star rating.

    Plugin Author Sajjad Ali


    Hello @michael4826

    Thanks for the rating.

    Converting automatically and getting same format could be a difficult task. But if you want to keep data from last 24 hours then i think its easy to do a manual update.

    For example, You want custom data for US. All you need is this data inside as JSON file.

        "country": "USA",
        "cases": 1750377,
        "todayCases": 4574,
        "deaths": 102293,
        "todayDeaths": 186,
        "recovered": 490262,
        "active": 1157822,
        "critical": 17227,
        "casesPerOneMillion": 5291

    Paste it inside a text editor, modify numbers. Save it as US.json and upload to root directory of your domain.

    Modify WidgetCountry.js and it will work fine.

    Take a look at screenshots.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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