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    do you mean the table names, or SQL statements? If table names, it’d be in events-manager.php, if the latter then everywhere.

    I’m thinking the tables names.
    We have two sites, one the primary domain of the hosting account and the second as a sub-domain on the account; and would like to have EM installed on both, but with the second install being a read-only, taking the data from the tables of the EM install on the primary domain. Trying to avoid having to 2x enter the data.

    In the events-manager.php, do you think I could get to my goal if these lines only were modified to look at dedicated paths to the primary domain where the databases are located???

    If so, …. what would be the syntax?

    yes, you can try to look into events-manager.php as per @marcus suggestion at around line 140 to 147

    But what would the proper syntax be???

    sorry for additional question; are you trying to install EM on both site But will only access one database only?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    If using the same database (kind of necessary), then you could just modify the $prefix value in your second blog so it references the prefix of your first blog.

    Yes, that is option #1 (preferred).

    Could elaborate on the ‘modify the $prefix value’ part??? Where do I find it? Modify with what? (I know you are intimate with the code; me on the other hand, … not so much. You’ll have to excuse my ignorance.)

    you can see $prefix at events-manager.php at around 135 to 139

    Okay, found that, but….
    I see two instances of $prefix, and two of the actual prefix in use (yyyy). Do I change one, two or all three???

    //Table names
    global $yyyy;
    if( EM_MS_GLOBAL ){
    $prefix = $yyyy->base_prefix;
    $prefix = $yyyy->prefix;

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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