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  • I have been searching for weeks for a plugin that will do what I want, and I am afraid it might not exist. I have been searching the forums and can’t find a similar request, so I thought I’d start a new topic.

    I am a birder (birdwatcher), and I keep lists of the birds I see. I would like something that would allow me to enter these lists into a post, and then keep all of that data for display later on. Example: I might want to display all unique species of birds I have seen in a calendar year. Or in my lifetime.

    This is a fairly easy thing to accomplish in MySQL, but I am looking for a way to easily integrate it into a blog posts or sidebar widgets (example for widget: recently spotted species).

    A plugin like this would not be exclusive to birders, but to collectors of all sorts. Recently acquired books, albums, stamps, coins, etc could all be entered into something like this.

    Anyone know of anything that could help?

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