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    It all started when I did a comand on the Edit CSS on the Jetpack plug in, the site went in to death screen, I talked to my server hosting company and they told me was the Quarys, so I check and in effect my site has been very high in quary more than 300,000 in minutes, kind of imposible but that was happening, the thing is that I turn off all plug ins and start adding them one by one, by now I know thet is not just jetpack, what is causing them is wordfence and W3Cache, the 3 plug ins separated are cousing the crash, so I think there is a conflict with WordPress 4.6 and the plug ins.

    My server is in PHP 5.6 as the specs from WordPress 4.6 suggest and all is ok on my server, the rest of my plug ins are running ok and dont crash the site.

    Do you guys have any clue of what is happening?


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  • Hi. The first question that springs to mind is why you think this is a conflict with WP 4.6? To be honest, a plugin such as W3Cache is going to cause a lot of queries to the database and shouldn’t, by itself, cause a crash. Is your host throttling the number of queries, for example?

    If there is any kind of conflict the individual plugin developers will probably be aware, so it may be worth querying with them, but I suspect this isn’t the case.

    A lot of queries to the database you mean e 150,000 in very little time like in 3 minutes?, is this normal?

    But is your host restricting the number of queries you can do? If not, this isn’t really relevant. We need to understand why your site stopped working.

    Yes our Hostings limits the queries to 150,000 per hour

    Ok, the number of connections exceeded your hosts limit and that’s what brought your site down (I assume). In which case, you need to speaking to the developers of those two plugins to understand what is a “usual number” of queries and what could be causing the number you’re seeing, assuming they are high.

    But, when I had the last version of WP did not killed the site, this started with this new version that is why I am saying ..

    It’s easy to blame a new installation for any issues that you then experience but, if it is an issue with WP and those plugins, those authors will have been made aware of it by other users, surely?

    The thing is neither of know whether that number of queries from those plugins is normal. Let’s find that out first.

    Was your host able to identify which tables in your database the queries were against?

    I am asking that question to my hosting provider, give me time so they can answer back.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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