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    Sorry for the long post/question, but since the issue I am having seems to be a conflict between your plugin and another, I am posting the same comments and troubleshooting steps and info to both, as I have not been able to exclude one or the other as the cause, only knowing that in some way both are involved. Comments of my troubleshooting and info gained are as follows:

    Hi, so first off I have to say I am still pretty new to all of this and still learning so my apologies if I don’t use a lot of the technical terms for things.

    I was working on a page for my site today when i noticed that most of the icons in the admin bar (during a preview as well as live page) and icons in my nav menu had all been replaced with empty squares. I wanted to make sure that I checked and tested as much as I could on my own before posting here, one, to see if I could fix it myself and learn something new, and two, to be able to provide as much information as possible to anyone who can help. Following are the steps I tried in fixing this:

    Checked to make sure that Dashicons and Font Awesome fonts were all enqueing properly and that their folders were located in the correct places on the server, and that all links to said folders were correct. Everything there checked out fine.

    I then began inspecting and testing the code of the page to see if there were any error being reported that would relate to the issue…none were found.

    Once I was sure the coding was fine, I checked the pages in all the browsers I had available, being Chrome, Edge and IE for Windows, and Safari and Chrome for Mac (all updated to latest versions with caches cleared) Issue persisted through all the browsers.

    I also made sure that caching was disabled on my server

    I then began disabling plugins to see if I could narrow down if there was a conflict, starting with optimizing and security plugins, then clearing all caches and re-loading the pages after each deactivation. No change, until I deactivated the Pop-up Maker plugin, then all the icons came back.

    To make sure, I then disabled the remaining plugins, to make sure everything looked ok and to have just the WordPress core running, and after clearing caches again, enabled UPG and tested and sure enough, the icons became the empty squares again.

    I proceeded to look and see if there was anything else I could do as a test, and decided to try a few things out using a clean/fresh WP install. I then copied my plugins over, leaving them deactivated. I enabled Popup Maker, current version, and it worked fine. I then began to test it alongside other plugins until the issue reappeared, which it did when I enabled my photo gallery (Used to allow members to contribute and comment on site-wide gallery) If they are both active, the issue is there, if either is deactivated, the issue goes away. while I am left then still not knowing which one is at fault, I can with certainty say those two will not play well with each other. I will await the developers response and see if any new information is available.
    I tried reverting back to the regular twenty-seventeen theme, and it still persisted. Weird thing is that by themselves, both plugins work great, with no issues, and I couldn’t find anything obviously wrong with either of them.

    Again, when both plugins are active, the icons turn into empty squares, disabling one or both of the plugins resolves this. As a final test, i used three different browsers on two separate machines to view the site. issue appeared across everything, and was immediately solved by disabling either plugin. While I do not believe there are an errors in either plugin as they both function perfectly fine, for me they simply cant be used together. To be safe at this time until something is figured out I will be leaving both disabled and finding other options. I have attached a pic of the issue for reference.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, as both of these plugins are near indispensable for the way my site needs to function.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @messanoir – Sorry to hear that, but it is likely not related to this plugin. I understand why your testing would lead that direction, but one thing you didn’t consider during your tests is that the content in your popups likely doens’t come from our plugin ;).

    IE when you disable Popup Maker, any content you inserted into them no longer gets rendered. So if a popup has issues in the content, the issues will clear up when you disable Popup Maker. This is a false positive.

    Try leaving PM active, marking all popups as draft and testing again, if it resolves then the issue is in your popups content.

    I am not familiar with your photo gallery plugin, so I can’t say what they are doing, but we don’t load or even use Dashicons in the front end to be able to interfere with them. In fact on the front end we do pretty much nothing at all honestly:

    1. We run 2 queries, query all popups and their meta in the head, check if they meet conditions or not. Enqueue those that do for loading in the footer.
    1. Register a single JS & CSS file of ours that require jquery and jquery-ui-position only. No deregistering, no filtering other scripts etc.
    1. In the footer, we take all enqueued popups and render them just before the footer scripts are rendered.

    Any other functionality on the front end in our plugin is pure Javascript.

    So if there is a conflict it may indicate the other plugin is doing something out of the norm. To be clear all of the front end functionality outlined above uses built-in WP core methods (queries, asset, templating). Hard to believe core methods could dequeue something honestly.

    Hope that helps. If your issue is resolved please take a moment to rate and review the plugin or support.

    If you still need help please message us directly at



    Submitted ticket at the listed support site referencing this post. Thanks again, and will be waiting to hear from someone.



    Sorry for reopening this here, but I wanted to update with what I have found, and couldn’t see how to update my ticket at your other support site. I will post it here while I wait for a response on the ticket…

    While waiting for an update I did some more testing, and can now conclusively say the issue is a conflict between the two plugins. I have been able to not only recreate the exact issue, but using basic, standard steps supported by each plugin, can reproduce the issue over and over. The steps to do so are as follows:

    After both plugins are installed and setup, use the popup maker to create popups for the Post Image and Post video forms (linking page or directly using shortcode doesn’t matter, both have the same result). The popups don’t need to be assigned to a menu, or even used, just creating one of them will cause the blank square icon issue, and deleting the popup will immediately correct it.

    As I said, its not a case of one plugin working and the other not, both are doing their job just fine…just neither will work together in their intended fashion together.

    Hope this helps in some way.

    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @messanoir – The other system is email based, simply reply to any of the messages you recieved from us 😉

    Again though your testing popup maker not as is but in a customized way. Once you inserted content into the popups, its no longer just Popup Maker you need to test. IE forms in the content of your popup could very well be the issue, but when you disable popup maker and those forms no longer get loaded the problem goes away.

    Try with no popups. That would be as close to raw test as you can get, followed by one empty popup.

    Also per our ticket in case others stumble across this, the dashicons appearing as squares can only have 1 of 4 causes.

    1. The CSS is not being loaded properly.
    2. The CSS has been overwritten.
    3. The HTML for the icon has been modified.
    4. There is some JS on the page changing icons to something that doesn’t exist. IE jQuery(‘.dashicons’).removeClass(‘dashicons’); (not likely, but again possible cause).

    Otherwise, dashicons displaying are pure HTML & CSS. PHP has no bearing here, so a conflict in a filter or hook or elsewhere in the plugins themselves would simply manifest in one of the 4 ways above. Detecting that is important first, then you can try to determine how that part get messed up in the first place.

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