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  • I’m exhausted from reading every possible solution online, and knowing that it doesn’t work to fix my problem.

    My website on the front-end, works flawlessly. It looks exactly as it should. On the BACKEND, accessing /wp-admin, I receive a blank screen (white) with nothing.

    Here’s what I’ve done:

    • Disabled plugins via FTP by changing the name of the folder.
    • Deleted WP files, and followed the manual upgrade instructions.
    • Checked my theme’s functions.php file to make sure there were no spaces
    • Looked over my config file to make sure everything was looking okay

    What am I missing? I’m able to access /wp-login.php to enter my credentials… which it takes me to the frontend… and shows the dashboard header at the top of my website… but once I try to access ANYTHING within the /wp-admin folder, it’s just a blank screen. I’ve tried /wp-admin/upgrade.php — any page within the wp-admin directory just sits blank.

    This site is too large to start over… so I’m hoping SOMEONE has some insight.

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  • Have you try to switch to the default WordPress theme (twentytwelve)?

    Check if there are any php errors (see fx

    (I would recommend taking a backup before messing around with the site trying to solve this)

    I deleted all unused themes, except for the “default” folder theme, and “twentyeleven”. I changed the name of the folder of my existing theme, and the site was blank/white like the wp-admin directory shows. So, yes…. I tried this.

    Trying the debugging now… doesn’t display anything related to the ADMIN section.

    [ Please do not bump, that’s not permitted here. ]

    Moving on… here’s what I did… and I still haven’t had any luck…

    Changed the theme to twentyeleven in MySQL
    Renamed the Plugins folder to plugins.hold to deactivate them
    Checked functions.php for any space
    Checked config.php to make sure everything was correct
    Repaired MySQL database via PHPMyAdmin

    Still, nothing is working in the wp-admin directory. Once again, I’m able to bring up /wp-login.php and login.. but beyond that… EVERYTHING within /wp-admin/ is a white screen.

    The WP error log shows what looks like an incompatible plugin error on line 2628 of the /wp-includes/functions.php and a couple of other things that aren’t an issue (theme or plugin) once in a “default” state.


    maybe you could rename your site folder to /site.hold/ and then re-install fresh wordpress install ino /site/ from .

    Then copy /site.hold/wp-config.php to /site/.

    If that works you can copy the theme/plugin/uploads folder to the new /site/ folder.

    ps: here is a similar white screen problem that turned out to be a hacked site with many corrupted core files (lots of inserted hijack code ). The error first showed up in /wp-includes/functions.php

    I see how that makes sense… but I did the following….

    Re-installed all new WP files except for the items in /wp-content and wp-config.php

    I was able to display the site running the “twentyeleven” template with plugins deactivated. But, still, nothing in /wp-admin would show.

    This is when I believe there is the possibility of a MySQL problem somewhere.

    I’d just move the site and start over, but it’s 4-5 years worth of content, and time is money.

    hmm, it is strange that you get plugin errors when all the plugins are deactivated.

    I don’t get plugin errors… I just get white screens on the admin side.

    usually the white screen means php-errors and your php setup (php.ini) is most likely not displaying the errors on the screen.

    when you access the wp-admin pages, what are the corresponding php errors (in the error log) ?

    I can only access the debug log from WordPress…. Working on access from my host for PHP…

    [16-Aug-2012 14:53:21] PHP Notice: get_bloginfo was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.2! The home option is deprecated for the family of bloginfo() functions. Use the url option instead. in /home/mysite/ on line 2712

    [16-Aug-2012 14:53:21] PHP Notice: wp_specialchars is deprecated since version 2.8! Use esc_html() instead. in /home/mysite/ on line 2628

    Obviously, nothing is reported when access the /wp-admin/ section. It’s as if NOTHING is there (which it is).

    ok, these are only php-notices and they are not “show stoppers”.

    you could try to add some test.html file into the /wp-admin/ folder just to check if you can access it

    similar with test.php including fx.

    <?php echo "hello world!";?>

    Yep… that works just fine.


    hmm, and your .htaccess file is not corrupted ?

    or do you have some .htaccess inside /wp-admin/ ?

    you should also check the apache logs.
    (see fx. )

    ps: you could also do some manual labour 😉 with commands like:



    echo "debug";

    and start by placing it in /wp-admin/index.php and try to move it from top to the bottom, and try to find the line where it will not display.

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