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    Emails for the Invoice Available (initial) template go out and provide a working dashboard link but emails for Payment Reminder (past due reminder) do not.

    They both have the same shortcode [dashboard_link] however the urls generated are not the same.

    One includes the &user_id=X which appears to be required for the dashboard link to work properly and the latter only results in the token by itself in the url and does not contain the user_id of the person being mailed.

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  • Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    Hello Philip,

    Since these are features of add-ons for Sprout Invoices I cannot help support them here. Instead you can use the support section of your account at https://sproutapps.co.


    Hi Dan,

    Technically “notifications” are part of the base product and I’m having problems with an add-on shortcode rendering properly in one notification type vs another so it seems like the notification itself is affecting the shortcode from properly working and likely not the other way around. I think this is a base product issue especially when considering the amount of bug fixes related to notifications since V10 up.

    This is more likely a global that isn’t present yet in the execution order or something similar that.

    You should really consider converting the pro plugin to work alongside the free version so expired pro users (that have no need to update pro features at the time) can still get the base product bug fixes, features and updates that everyone else gets for free.

    This model you have puts previously paying customers of your product below the level of those that have never paid you which doesn’t seem very cool.

    For me to get the newer free features and bug fixes I have to accept the loss of my initial investment and ditch the extras by downgrading just to upgrade to a stable version. If they were two plugins, a true add-on, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron



    Just to clear things up:

    If you were to look at the pro plugin files you’ll notice that the client dashboard functionality is completely abstracted, so it’s an independent add-on that is bundled.

    You would also see that the [dashboard_link] is not part of the core product.

    Also, as a previous pro purchaser you have much more than what other non-purchasers have. You have the pro version, that’s updated to the point of your license expiration. You should be able to use it any major issues for as long as you’d like.

    Anyway the [dashboard_link] sounds like it’s working. However, maybe there’s a misunderstanding on how the link would work since it sounds like you’re logged in as the wrong user (meaning the one not intended for the email to go to), since the userid doesn’t matter unless you’re logged in as an administrator.

    Hopefully this is the issue.

    Thanks Dan,

    It’s the things like Notification Testing you added in V12. This would be a perfect tool for me right now in fixing this problem myself. But I’m V10 and I don’t want to risk breaking my site switching versions temporarily just to test. I don’t know if you’ve done any db structure changes or if I have messy fatals waiting to happen.

    It’s ok, it was just a suggestion of what I thought was a win/win business model. If I want new added “Pro” features or “Pro” level support, I simply renew but I am not otherwise banned from the new “Free” stuff while continuing to use “Pro”.

    I have the utmost respect for you and your freedom to choose whats best for your business. I really do like your products and your technical support has been amazing, here and via my Pro subscription and I do refer you often to other freelancers. I also appreciate your patience to talk this out with me here publicly.

    To respond to your diagnosis, no doesn’t or shouldn’t have anything to do with me being logged in as I’m not sending anything to myself. But I know what you’re talking about when I generate a test invoice email to myself from within the invoice editor, since I’m not associated with that account the dashboard_link is messed up. I have seen this.

    However, it’s much worse than that where my clients receive broken dashboard links and choose to complain about that rather than clicking the working link to pay the invoice so I’ve removed the dashboard_link entirely until I can fix this.

    The one big clue is that the New Invoice emails using the same exact shortcode “WORK”!

    It’s only the Payment Reminder emails where the client’s user_id is missing so it really feels like the problem could exist in the notification class and likely within a conditional if/then check missing a passed variable for the user_id, you know, one of those simple goofs. I’ve also verified in the template it is all plain html and the dashboard_link was the first shortcode just to be sure it wasn’t something else breaking before it in the template.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    Thank you.

    I’ll do some tests for the general issue to make sure it’s not in the current version.

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