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  • *removed* – As two plugins now exist, the opening post need not pose the question of whether is desired, trimmed to keep the thread neat.

    UPDATE : Plugin is available here now.

    Would welcome feedback.

    Props to Dave, his code gave me a basis to work from to add in capability based options, Thanks Dave.

    NOTE: I personally don’t care about credits, and anyone who wants to take the plugin i’ve made, hack it up, rewrite it, whatever, is not forced to credit me in anyway. My name is included in the plugin simply as a filler.

    I wrote this plugin in order to provide a framework of code for all you guys out there, it’s intended only as an example of how it could be done, you’ll obviously find similarities between mine and Dave’s plugin due to me using Dave’s idea regarding capability control(and i take it there’s no objection, since none has been raised in this threads time of existance).

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  • I recently made this plugin to customise the admin dashboard widgets for each user-level. Maybe it will do the trick for you.

    Nice job on the plugin Dave.

    Small suggestion though, it would be nice to put all your options into one row of the options table, rather then 6, 8 or whatever. You only need register one option group, then register the various options as settings fields, it all goes into a single group that way…

    NOTE: Your deactivation hook is also registered to the wrong function name.

    After taking a look at your approach i’ve realised it really wouldn’t be that hard to tackle user-level functionality so i’m going to add something similar to what you’ve done into my plugin. I like the dropdown box idea, though what would be nice would be to have a little button/link next to each of those that when clicked sets all the options to the same.. (if that makes sense – in testing i wanted to set them all the same, so i had to do one at a time, and thought to myself, it would be neat if there was a button to do it).

    UDPATE: See opening post for plugin, includes capability based selection, as per Dave’s idea.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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