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  • I just upgraded to WP 3.5.1 – and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but my Dashboard Widget for “Admin Guide” is gone!

    I can still get to Site Notes under “Settings” – and I still have the “Site Notes” link to view the notes or add a new one – but I distinctly remember having a Site Instructions link somewhere in there too (under the main Dashboard link if I recall correctly – where “Updates” is found.

    I’m logged in as Admin – the only Role allowed to see the notes – but I cannot find that link again under any heading!

    Any ideas?

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  • Not sure if this is related… Had been runnning DSN successfully on 3.5.1 until now… Was updating a note and included a bit of code (wrapped in code tags.) Upon saving the update, the entire admin area went blank, except for the lefthand menu and admin bar. The menu no longer responded, so I logged out of admin & deleted the plugin. All is back to normal, except I no longer have my site notes. The code wasn’t anything out of the ordinary — just a columns shortcode snippet for Grid Columns plugin (again, wrapped in code tags). Re-installed DSN & admin went blank again, so I’ve uninstalled for now.
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    I figured out the problem I had (top post) : I don’t know if the upgrade had anything to do with this, but I only had a single Note in the DSN system so far, and when I looked under “Note Options” for this one, it had been reset so that no one could see it – not even Admins. Once I checked who I wanted to view it, “Site Instructions” is now showing under the top “Dashboard” menu item again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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