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    The dashboard widget contains two links in the header: Refresh and Configure. However this is not the ideal place since the header is supposed to contain only the title and controls provided by WordPress to move the widget up and down or to collapse it if needed.

    So “Configure” can’t be clicked since other controls by WordPress are in front of it. And even it it would be clickable then the controls by WordPress would not be usable any longer.

    Also see this screenshot:

    Please move those to links down to the widget content area where they should be.

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  • Plugin Support SergeM


    Hello, @awelzel.

    Thank you for your feedback. We’ll fix that in the next plugin release that should happen in one week or two.

    Thanks for the fast response. Keep up the good work!

    Plugin Support SergeM


    No problem. Thank you!

    Plugin Author Safronik



    Thank you for great feedback! We have fixed the problem.

    Please, reinstall the plugin. ( Download link: )

    Here is an instruction:

    1. Go to WordPress Administrator Panel —> Plugins.
    2. Find the plugin “Spam Protection by CleanTalk” —> Deactivate.
    3. After the automatic page refresh find the plugin again “Spam Protection by CleanTalk” —> Delete. Confirm “Yes, delete these files”.
    5. Go to Plugins —> Add New —> Upload Plugin.
    4. Download the plugin archive from the link above.
    6. Choose the downloaded archive and press “Install Now”.
    7. Once you on Dashboard page, please, press CTRL + F5 to clear cache.

    Contact us if you have any questions.

    Thanks for the quick fix!

    But maybe there is a misunderstanding. It’s not about changing the CSS rule to move the links to the left. Maybe a future WordPress update will change the design of the dashboard widget title bar even further. And on mobile devices it still may happen that those custom links conflict with the title. The links should not be there at all.

    What is the problem with just moving those links down to the content area of the widget? The title area of a dashboard widget is not intended to contain anything functional beside what WordPress itself puts there.

    In fact you add the links as part of the name of the widget – should be avoided as the name should just be a text in the title bar and not a complete HTML fragment including links etc.:

    			."<div class='ct_widget_top_links'>"
    				."<img src='".plugins_url('/cleantalk-spam-protect/inc/images/preloader.gif')."' class='ct_preloader'>"
    				.sprintf(__("%sRefresh%s", 'cleantalk-spam-protect'),    "<a href='#ct_widget' class='ct_widget_refresh_link'>", "</a>")
    				.sprintf(__("%sConfigure%s", 'cleantalk-spam-protect'), "<a href='{$apbct->settings_link}' class='ct_widget_settings_link'>", "</a>")

    Also see

    Plugin Support amagsumov



    Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

    We will discuss it and contact you within 2 days.

    Plugin Author Safronik



    Thank you for the detailed feedback! We’ll reconsider this in next versions.

    Contact us if you have other questions.

    Plugin Support SergeM


    Thank you for waiting.

    Please, re-install the plugin from this archive:

    Did it help?

    Thank you! This is better. It may even be improved a bit more by adding a float:right to this CSS rule so the available space within the widget will be used better:

    ct_widget_top_links {
        text-align: right;
        padding: 0 12px;
        height: 32px;
        float: right;

    Also see the screenshot with this modification:

    Plugin Support alexandergull


    Well, looks good. I transfer this to the developer.

    Best regards,

    Plugin Support amagsumov



    We’ve decided to not add a float:right because when you press “refresh” there are issues with header.

    That’s fine for me as well.

    Plugin Support SergeM


    Thank you for your feedback, Arno.

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