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  • I updated to the new software last night and since then I CAN see my blog but I cannot access the dashboard on my computer. I login but get a white screen. However, the entire time I have ben able to access the dashboard through the mobile app on my iPhone. It just will not load through a web browser (even on the phone)

    I have done the following:
    1. disabled all plugins (renamed the folder on FTP then disabled all plugins)
    2. ran wp_debug to check errors and got a theme deprecation error
    3.updated my theme after error (errors were gone)
    4. still getting white screen

    Any suggestions on what to try next? Thank you.

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  • Did you disable the current theme you are using so that it reverts to one of the default WordPress themes like TwentyTwelve or TwentyEleven?

    Sorry I should have listed that as well. I found a thread on it. I currently use TewntyEleven. I did as instructed and renamed the themes folder so it would go to the default twentytwelve but all it did was make my blog page white as well as the admin page.

    Have you tried clearing your browser cache and cookies and/or tried another browser?

    I cleared the cache on my mac and then tried to access the dashboard and it’s still white. I used a laptop from work that I have never logged in on before that uses internet explorer and when I try to log on it does not even give me the white page. It says Internet explorer cannot cannot display the webpage and if I hit diagnose it says it cannot find the problem. I should also state that I installed 3.5.2 and when the white page came up I reverted back to the previous version and reinstalled again and I still have the white screen. But I can still see the dashboard through the app on my phone.

    Update: I was able to change my wordpress password on the dashboard on my phone. I noticed that sometimes the log in was taking my current password and sometimes it was refusing it in favor of an older password.

    After changing the password I was able to log on one time to the dashboard on two different computers. When I logged out and tried to log in again the blank screen was back.

    Also did a full manual reinstall. Any ideas what the password issue could be?

    Where is your site hosted? Might be a server issue.

    It’s at GoDaddy. I also put a ticket in with them. Sorry if this is a basic question but when I update the WP password should the wp-config file on my ftp server that lists the password in the code be updated as well?

    The password in wp-config.php is for your database, it should be different from the password you use to log into your WP admin account.

    I cannot change the password through the password link. And I have now attempted to change the password through the back end and it doesn’t seem to be working. Blog is still up but now I have no dashboard access at all even on the phone. All I get is the white screen. Seems like I was able to log on once with the new password but as soon as I logged out it would not let me back in again. Godaddy says the server is fine and it is a WP issue but I am also going back to them with more questions.

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    And I have now attempted to change the password through the back end and it doesn’t seem to be working.

    Have you tried this method?

    That will work provided you have the correct user ID.

    Also what’s the link to your site? If you can’t or don’t want to share that that’s fine but it sometimes helps figure out what’s going on.

    I tried the FTP method and I did get an email saying it was reset but when I tried to log on I just got the blank screen again. So I am unsure what happened there.

    the blog is I have had it for some time and updated WP frequently with no issue.

    Update: I was able to reset the password and log on to the dashboard but again as soon as I logged out and tried to log back in I got a white page with “Server Hangup” on it. This also happened several times while I was navigating through the dashboard.

    I followed a thread here that had the same issue with passowrds and changed the site address and wordpress address to the same thing ( but that didn’t seem to work either.

    While I was able to log on to the web dashboard I was not able to get on to the iphone app at all. The message i got was that there was a server error communicating with my site. I have been getting that error since I logged out over a day ago now.

    Any ideas why a new password is allowing it to work?

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    Using ftp or by signing into your hosted account change the name of wp-content/plugins/spammers-suck to wp-content/plugins/spammers-suck-old.

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