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  • Now that I’ve spent countless hours and some cash having my WP blog theme pages customized to integrate into my web site, I find that anyone wishing to provide a comment must log in, and anyone logging in gets access to their user-level view of the Dashboard. Having commenters log in is okay (although I would think there would be a toggle for it, which I cannot find), but having commenters–not post authors–see the uncustomized Dashboard view instead of my carefully constructed website view is not acceptable. It blows the entire approach of having WP be a platform, instead of an application. Is there no way around this??

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “I find that anyone wishing to provide a comment must log in”

    That is something you have chosen – it’s in Options > General.

    Fair enough… knew it had to be there somewhere. Thanks for pointing it out.

    But what about the Dashboard, which has all the notices about WordPress, etc. That’s fine for a personal blog, maybe, but not for a business-oriented site. Can the “inside view,” i.e., the one that includes the Dashboard, be customized to match a template?

    It can, if you work on it.
    And here is a quote: first line of the WP homepage:
    WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform…
    [emphasis mine]

    You can use the x-Dashboard plugin to customize the Dashboard contents.

    I have been using X-Dashboard and I love it. But it doesn’t seem to be compatible with WP2.

    Does anyone know of an update or an alternative to this aswesome plugin?

    <curmudgeon rant>
    I really need this level of control since there are non-authors who can login and see this. And while I’m here, may I gripe for a moment about the WordPress dashboard? Who thought that more space shoud be dedicated to the self-selected stars of WP than to crucial information about my own blog?
    </curmudgeon rant>

    Alternative: open wp-admin/index.php and excise the stuff from the self-selected stars of WP….

    Great rant btw. I’m in full agreement.

    Amen to the rant, especially as when that feed is slow or fails I can’t even see the dashboard.

    I replaced the WordPress Allstars RSS feeds, with my own RSS selections! It’s alright. Each of my WP blogs shows headlines from my other blogs and some feeds from sites I like, on the Dashboards.

    Did this in wp-admin/index.php

    it even displays little graphics that are in 1 of the feeds.

    However, is there a better answer to the first poster’s inquiry? That is, how could I make wp-register template tag NOT display “Site Admin” link when logged in?

    dgold and vkaryl, thank you for those excellent suggestions!

    I will hack away… 😉

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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