• hi there,

    i installed your plugin and everything seems to be fine on google analytics side. but the dashboard view of visitors show 0 visitors even though google analytics in page tracking says there are 10 user currently on my site. what did i wrong?

    and the tracking code it self is only visible in IE and Chrome .. when i try to find it in the source code within FireFox then it is not found. :-/

    can you help?



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  • Plugin Support Alin Marcu


    For the tracking code check How to check If Google Analytics tracking works, you’re definitely doing something wrong there (it may be a conditional cache issue, a browser cache issue or you excluding traffic for Administrators).

    In the Dashboard from your Administration screen switch to real-time report, if that’s working then everything is fine. Today’s reports are updated hourly while the past reports are updated at first request after midnight.

    okayyyyy so in private modus of firefox i also see now the google analytics code like in IE and Chrome. (view source code in browser).

    but the dashboard view still shows 0 visitor .. and i can see the visitors in google analytics itself. :-/

    and do i realy need to deactivate the filters in google analytics? because i dont want to track my own click and the clicks from my colleagues.. so i filtered some IP´s out.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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