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  1. matthijsmali
    Posted 5 years ago #

    note: this was first posted by myself on the WordPress.com forum, it should have been here though.

    Recently i visited my (wordpress hosted) blog and noticed two things in the admin panel.
    Firstly the menu item under 'Dashboard > Updates' had an encircled 2 placed right to it, implying to me that there would be 2 WordPress updates. Also, further below, there was another encircled 2 placed right to the 'Plugins > Plugins' menu item. To me that implied that there would be 2 plugin updates. I would like to suggest making the Plugin update and WordPress update icons differ from each other in color.

    Secondly (although this is more of a minor idea) I found it weird that the different section in the admin panel all were captioned with the same word as available in the menu. Writing this, I notice its a bit hard to explain so here is an example: When I click on 'Posts' in the admin panel, the site links me to the edit.php page with a list of all posts. When I want to navigate through the items in the 'Posts' menu, the first item is again the word Posts. Might it be more convenient when this word is replaced by 'Overview' or something similar?

  2. matthijsmali
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm just wondering if anything will be done with this? Is it picked up by the wordpress team?

  3. Post it in Trac - http://core.trac.wordpress.org

    While the devs do troll the forums, they don't always read every post (signal to noise ratio) so if you really think it should be picked up, the best way is to report it.

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