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  • I have a regular WordPress blog — nothing fancy, just to update posts in. I had the tab open for a while and when I went to publish my post, it immediately redirected me to a page that said my dashboard would be unavailable for 2 hours because it was going through maintenance. I wait 2 hours. Log back in, same thing happens. I try to go to ‘View drafts’ to see if my to-be-published post at least got saved there, but now it says my dashboard will be unavailable for 4 hours. What gives? I logged into my other WordPress blog and can access everything just fine, no maintenance at all. I really just want to make sure this post didn’t get deleted somehow in this buggy mess because that would be extremely upsetting. Do I just wait another 4 hours and see if it works? Thanks in advance, let me know if you guys have any advice!

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  • WordPress has no such built in feature. This is probably being caused by a plugin that someone turned on. Sadly, it won’t go away until you turn it off.

    Take a look at your plugins, and deactivate anything you have installed around maintenance.

    Best of luck!

    I’m pretty sure I don’t have any plugins installed. I haven’t done any sort of coding or installation on it other than change the layout to a default WordPress theme. (Of course, I’m also not well-versed in plugin knowledge — could there be any that were installed to begin with? Sorry, total tech ignoramus here.) This blog is literally only used for me to quickly write posts on, publish, and forget about until I write another one. Does WordPress ever do blog-specific maintenance or would it only ever be a site-wide one?

    It’s really really hard to say. There is one way wordpress can get into maintenance mode, but it’s highly advanced, and the odds it’s in your site are very slim.

    I’d be happy to take a look, if you’d like.
    I’m on skype and yahoo im as z_jholder

    Awesome, that would be super helpful! Will add you soon.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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