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  • pengrus


    I am using the latest WP. The dashboard is just way too slow. It takes an average of more than 30 seconds to load this dashboard page. I would like to suggest the development team change this…

    I am on a very fast dedicated server, still…

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  • Lorelle


    I just checked with Firefox with a cleared cache reloading and the counter at the bottom of the page says loaded in 0.20 seconds. I’m on a medium cable connection with massive stuff running via the Internet. I also use the ShortStat plugin on my Dashboard, which might even slow it down more.

    Consider clearing your cache and temp files and trying again and checking for any plugins you have installed that hook into the dashboard.

    Also, check to see the loading times of other Admin Panels like the Manage Posts to see how they compare speed wise. Basically the Dashboard is a glorified feed reader and it comes in faster than my own feed reader, so something else might be going on.

    Moderator James Huff


    If you don’t mind losing the feeds that are displayed on the Dashboard, try this hack:



    Nobody here, and I mean nobody, has a slower server than mine. I host my page off my home pc. Even my front page with 5 posts takes 6+ seconds to load. In comparison it took “only” 6.9 seconds the first time to load anc cache the dashboard and .8 to 1 second thereafter. I suspect WP just has a hard time, on occasion, pulling everything together – that happens to all of us from time to time now doesn’t it?

    I must admit, however, I breeze past the dashboard and don’t stop to read anything there. In fact on the rest of the sites I manage, I use Matt’s WP Admin Bar and bypass it altogether.



    Hi Beel! I wonder if my problem is related to this: all pages behind login seem to work except the wp-admin/index.php … perhaps there is something wrong indeed!



    The last three days, the dashboard was taking 30+ seconds to load on DSL for me.

    Installed this plugin-

    Now it loads without the dashboard in 1.3 seconds.




    Michiel – The dashboard requires feeds from other sites. Obviously then, it will sometimes take longer than at others to fetch the data. Once WP caches the feeds, however, I would expect it to be relatively fast on subsequent page views (assuming your server is not experiencing difficulty of its own).

    There may be a problem if every time you view the dashboard (and the feeds are cached), the load time is still slow.



    Personally I think it is a bad design to include feeds in the Dashboard which was the reason for the dasboard hack kindly mentioned by MacManX above.

    Feeds are to be consumed by a feed reader. If people are interested then they should subscribe. Push model rarely works, think marimba.



    I completely agree. To put feeds into the Dashboard with no means of removing them (except for module/hacks) is a bit over the top.



    Thanks to everybody who has replied and given your input.

    I do not think it is a browser cache or temp problem as other pages load very fast. My cache is only 500KB.

    I am on Cable connection and it takes 30 seconds. I am sure if I am traveling outside of the country, lets say Asia, and on a dialup, there is no way I can ever login and publish with this horrible speed issue.

    I adopted the Dashboard Hack -(which is so easy, just replace one index.php in wp-admin directory). We can easily switch it back if wp next release does a better job.

    This dashboard thing is very contradicting with WP’s philosophy – which is easy and fast to use. And to my opinion, those feeds are not very useful either. I’d rather checking forum myself, and subscribe to their newsletter.

    Thanks for all of your help.

    1.65 seconds here to create the dashboard. And you guys know browser caches don’t matter, right? That time at the bottom is server generation time, not page load time.

    Anyway, @ the people having slow dashboard loading times, my thought is more a slow server or one that’s badly configured then WordPress being bad or whatever.

    Hell, even the copy of WordPress I have installed on this box for dev purposes only takes 3.25 seconds to generate the page and that’s pretty good considering I’m maxxing out my bandwidth right now…

    I see this problem too, but it depends on which server I access, and which user I log in as. It seems that if I log in to one server as admin it is ok, but as a less privileged user it can take 30-60s to log in, and the dashboard feeds are ALWAYS blank on this server and I do not know why.

    Other WP installs I have on other servers work fine.

    Scratch that, the “slow” server is always slow accessing the dashboard.

    Is there a PHP log that WP writes errors too etc? I want to know (a) why the dashboard is empty (in terms of feeds – blog stats are there OK) and (b) why the hell it takes so long.

    -Please- can we get the next version of WP with a built in checkbox under Options for disabling the dashboard feeds?

    yeah, that’d be great.

    Mine was taking around 30 seconds, so I tinkered with the index.php file for a bit and narrowed it down to the call to technorati’s rss feed. Commented that out and it immediately dropped to 0.25 seconds.

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