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[Resolved] Dashboard Times Out

  • Hello

    I was using the plugin on my blog (techmesto.com) hosted at BlueHost and recently shifted to DreamHost. At dreamhost, it is a hit and trial thing. It loads up occasionally and at other times the Dashboard just gives me a timeout and nothing else.
    I’m also contacting DreamHost about this and just created a ticket. I’d also like to ask you if you or anybody else has noticed similar issues with DreamHost or any other host.

    Or maybe any sort of guide or troubleshooting information to get over this? I’ve already tried disabling FastCGI and their extra web security feature, but nothing seems to help.



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  • Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    Have a look on my Data Usage Policy for Extensions, you can find it here: http://deconf.com/data-usage-policy-extensions/.

    It will help you understand how the data exchange is made between your server and Google Servers. Also check your PHP Error Log for possible errors/warnings.

    FYI @ipstenu

    I’ve checked my PHP Error logs and they show up just nothing. Nothing relevant to Analytics plugin is found.

    Still waiting for a ticket response from DreamHost. I’ll update this thread if the thing is something generic.

    Hello Alin

    Dreamhost has simply ignored my ticket claiming that they don’t provide support for 3rd party plugins. They claim that the server configuration is very healthy and there is no issue whatsoever.

    Would you be able to provide me with some additional troubleshooting steps? Sadly there’s no plugin replacement available for yours and I badly need my stats in my dashboard 🙁


    Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    1. Do you have this error only when my plugin is enabled?

    2. Can you post a screen shot with the exact error?

    3. Try to disable all backend and frontend options (uncheck them all) and see if the error remains.

    4. Send me your php error log here deconf.com/contact

    1. Yes the error only occurs when this plugin is enabled and authorized.
    2. Screenshot, hmm.. I’d have liked to bring one, but it just times out, It takes around 30 secs showing its loading and then Firefox says “The connection has timed out”. Surprisingly Google Adsense Dashboard plugin works fine.
    3. I’ve done this already. Nothing helps. Only disabling the plugin or clearing the authorization will let me load my dashboard again.
    4. I’ll send you the combined error log from /wp-admin to you. But I’m very sure it doesn’t reflect anything related to the plugin.

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    The main difference between Google Adsense Dashboard and Google Analytics Dashboard is that Google Aanalytics Dashboard makes much more requests than Google Adsense Dashboard.

    Can you try version 4.2.6, I’ve found a bug in the way the plugin handled/refreshed the tokens.

    If there are no changes, I think the issue is generated by a firewall rule which blocks some Google IPs or a security rule that restricts outgoing connections.

    Thank you for looking into it. The new update has changed some, but not entirely.

    I updated the plugin, authorized and it worked fine for an hour or so. But now its again the same timeout, but in an improved way. The dashboard takes now like 30s to load and then only shows the widgets which are placed before the GA Widget. The GA widget is not loading and hence nothing after it loads as well.

    I’ve tried a competitive plugin called ‘Google Analytics Dashboard’ and it was able to display the stats anytime, even working fine ATM, but I don’t like the way it displays the stats, so I prefer yours against any other.

    Looked into error logs already and there’s nothing new in them since 18th.

    Here’s the screenshot of my how my dashboard is looking:

    Update: A reload after like 5 minutes has again made all my widgets accessible and the dashboard is again loading fine. A reload again and it was gone. Yet another reload like after 10 mins and it appeared again. So there are more number of favorable cases than negatives.

    The update REALLY fixed a lot and I’m kinda happy that there are more cases of it working than the dashboard not showing up at all. Will be awesome if you will be able to make some more improvements to the things.

    I suspect cache playing a role here and seems when the cache got flushed, it fetched new stats and presented them to me. I’ll still continue monitoring on how often it happens and will update you.

    Thanks a lot for the update, Alin. Much Appreciated.

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    Forgot to ask you two important things:

    1. Is this a big website with multiple editors/admins?

    2. Have you tried it with other browsers, for example Chrome and from other computers? If not, please do.

    Let’s use Chrome to see where it hangs, press CTRL+SHIFT+I, go to Network tab and reload the page. You should see the exact request that makes the browser hang.

    Mika Epstein


    DreamHost Rep

    Are you on DreamHost standard hosting or DreamPress?

    DreamPress is running memcached so it can get really sticky with caches.

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    @singhnsk from your screenshot, it’s clear that the plugin crashes. @ipstenu-dh can you double check the PHP error_log for errors, just to be sure. Thank You!


    1. Won’t call it big, but it is definitely above average sites. There are a handful of other authors who do the work, but stats are only enabled for Admin. So they won’t be seeing the widgets.
    2. ATM its loading fine in both crome and firefox. I’ll try from other browsers (chrome) as soon as I see it crashing on the firefox.

    I’m using the standard Dreamhost hosting. Dunno much, but I’m sure it ain’t DreamPress. Account name is narsin13 (if you want to check out something).

    Hello Alin

    It happened again and following are the observations. I couldn’t understand anything from the stats that it shows. So I’m attaching them here:

    1. Chrome’s network tab shows all these requests – http://imageshack.com/a/img11/3640/3exs.png
    2. Firefox’s network tab shows a way lesser requests here – http://imageshack.com/a/img571/9959/a65u.png
    3. The screenshot of the page in both Chrome and Firefox is ditto of this – http://imageshack.com/a/img543/1883/l1sg.png

    I’ve checked the error logs of /, /wp-admin and the main server log for my account at /home*name*/logs/ but none of them reflect anything related to the plugins request.

    Let’s see if you can make something out of these screenshots.

    Edit: I’m using cloudflare as well. Do you think it could be caused by it? I was also using it while on BlueHost and it was all fine with the same configuration. I’ll still pause Cloudflare protection and wait for how it responds after that.

    Plugin Author Alin Marcu



    Can you try to temporary set WP_DEBUG to true when having the issue? It may throw some errors.

    If you like, send me some temporary admin credentials, using my contact form. I will edit the plugin and try to determine the line where it hangs.

    Hello Alin

    Tried setting Wp Debug to true, but its still the same. It does not show any error/warning on the screen and not in the error_log as well.

    I won’t be able to give out those for techmesto, but there’s another factsmesto which is also living on the same server and facing similar issue. I’ll shoot the details towards you via the form.

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