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  • I have posted this previously but I guess since I had a link to my site and it uses google ads they deleted the topic again without a reason. Then looked at the code i was putting in. Understandable I guess. Well no links this time around and i’ll just post the obvious. if there is something wrong with it can a moderator at least post in it so i can see what I am doing wrong.

    I did an extensive CSS overhaul of my theme in WordPress. In doing so I simply wanted to name the theme my own from now on. I changed the theme folder name to ‘dirtydalerz’ and then changed the top of the style.css to the code listed below.

    First here is a SCREENSHOT of the visual I et when at the theme viewer.

    Please help i am in dire need.

    [huge chunk of code moderated - please use a pastebin]
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  • How do i use pastebin?

    You already found out you can’t just rename a theme folder and have it work. What made you think it would? Rename it back and cross your fingers.

    Then create a new theme folder and put your new theme there.

    How did i already find out? That is why I am here with this problem. What is with WordPress lately being full of such negative people.

    Was coming to this SUPPORT forum for SUPPORT .. instead I get snappy comebacks. I help out everyone i can when I can.

    I’ll try your solution and thanks for your advice 🙂

    I basically just copied and pasted my CSS into a text editor instead of using Dreamweaver to view the code i used a simple text editor and gave it one more ONCE OVER.

    I did and used the text editor to save it as style.css . Once i did that I uploaded the file and it worked PERFECTLY.

    So contrary to what ‘Saurus’ said above, you can just RENAME a theme folder and then change the style.css header to reflect that.

    I guess WordPress doesn’t work well with Dreamweaver? Could of been easy.

    I’ve had this problem before, and had it again recently – took me a while to work it out. I use Dreamweaver as well.

    I suggest using a text editor as well, such as texteditor in Mac or notepad in Windows, but making sure the file is saved using UTF-8 encoding. I tested other encoding types and this was the only one that didn’t create the problem mentioned here, here and here.

    Why this is I don’t know, but it might be worth including it in the custom themes tutorial?

    So contrary to what ‘Saurus’ said above, you can just RENAME a theme folder and then change the style.css header to reflect that.

    If you are going to criticize – get it right. In your OP, you said NOTHING about changing the CSS file. What you said was you changed the name of the theme folder.

    Moderator kmessinger


    I guess WordPress doesn’t work well with Dreamweaver? Could of been easy.

    Dreamweaver works fine with WP. I use DW to modify php files, css files, etc. with no problems. I also use DW as my FTP program to upload images, changes in files, etc.

    bc, I dread posting questions in these forums. I have a missing style sheet, and see from an earlier forum post that I have style.css in the wrong folder. The correct folder, I see, is

    Now where I find this mysterious folder is my next question. I don’t see it in the home directory. It will take 8 or 9 more tries before I can get an understandable answer.

    I had an email from a manager at WordPress a few months back, asking how I liked the app. I said fine, except the forums were about as welcoming as a DMV office. I pointed him to some abusive posts from the ever so helpful WP elves. He was none too happy. But of course that was the end of it. Nothing will change here.

    I’ve been hovering around these forums for no more then a month, and i’ve not seen anything but useful information supplied when a poster provides adequate information to help them. If limited information is supplied then less helpful answers or none are given…

    I’m not implying anything by saying that, i just feel that your statement about the forum is incorrect.

    Also just to clarify, i don’t think anyone here is obligated to help you, so i don’t think making demands or complaining about the level of support will do anything to help, if anything you’ll receive less help… or at least that’s my take on it…

    Now on-topic::

    Can you link to a live website where you are having the problem?

    Regarding renaming a theme, first time i installed WP, i made a copied of the Default theme folder, renamed it, changed a few lines in the stylesheet and my new theme worked…. So i have no idea why anyone else has a problem…

    However an easy mistake, and i made this first time round, is to remove the Theme details at the top of the stylesheet, this causes problems, so leave them be and simply adjust as needed.

    Also, when renaming a theme folder, that should not be the active theme, again this causes problems, so activate another theme while you’re doing the renaming, then turn it back on once you’re done…

    Hope that helps, though feel free to post back if you’re still stuck..

    WordPress tells me my style sheet is missing, which may be why I am unable to wrap text around a left indented image.

    Here is the URL to my site:

    I found style.css on the web root:

    File manager > web root > wp-content > themes > cutline 1.2-3column split > style.css

    Is it in the correct folder?

    Going to …

    Works no problem, and your site is displaying content correctly as far as i can see.

    However looking at the screenshot you posted in the opening post shows differing content to the stylesheet above…

    So does this happen with any other theme?

    The photo is flush left, but the text does not wrap:

    I’ve only used this theme.

    It works on IE but not FF…

    It’s related to the way the image is being aligned or floated…

    If you apply a float to the attachment element it should show the image as you want, and as it’s shown in IE….

    The image on the page uses the classes….


    Try adding either of these to the style sheet….

    .alignleft {float:left!important}
    .wp-caption {float:left!important} – I’d choose this one…

    Your theme seems to missing several common classes used by WordPress. I’m sure they’re not necessary but the above may cause problems elsewhere….

    It’s a quick fix, but the problem is simply due to a float or clear somewhere…

    As said the above is a quick fix and may produce issues elsewhere but i’ve given you the cause of the problem, so it should be straight-forward to resolve.

    Thanks. That did the trick. I wish I wasn’t stuck with the font style for the caption as is standard with the regular text, but oh well. It took three days to get this far. 😉

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