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    My dashboard on 2.7 (love it) displays Recent Drafts 0 although there are several drafts waiting — I can get to them by clicking Posts, then Drafts (3), but I believe they ought to appear on Dashboard in Recent Drafts so I know I have drafts waiting…

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  • me too! help!



    I have the message “There are no drafts at the moment” also (despite actually having drafts).

    So, I feel silly. If you aren’t the user (a.k.a. login) who is set as the author of the post, the post won’t show up as a recent draft for you. Makes sense. You can just get confused (like I did) if you’re in a collaborative scenario.

    Yes. In my site, I am the admin and there are 10 editors and 50 contributors. I am not able to see any draft listed on the dashboard.

    I feel this situation is to be corrected. Could someone please tell me what to hack to enable this?


    Agree! As with kichu (above), I am admin with 5 editors and 140 contributors — would be VERY helpful to see drafts listed on the dashboard (instead, I must visit Posts in order to know whether drafts are present).

    — Mike

    I don’t think this is an issue anyone doing volunteer support can help with. This would appear to be a function of the WP core. Try making a suggestion to the WP team and maybe they can do it in an update. I don’t expect it’s an issue for the vast majority of WP users, though.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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