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  • At the WP Dashboard, how do you:

    Access the code behind a post or page.

    Access a blog’s e-mail inbox.


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  • Gloria

    In the text-editor of each post, on the right there is a tab for visual and text editor. Text editor is the code.

    But I don’t know what email inbox you’re talking about, are you referring to a form? Or are you talking about how someone subscribes. Because if you’re on you’d have to post there.


    Thanks for your reply Jeff. It’s helpful.

    As for the e-mail address, it’s neither a form nor how someone subscribes. It’s the e-mail address created for the site. Like,, for example.


    If you created an email for a domain, like the example above, then you have to access the inbox through the server. So if it’s goDaddy you have to get it from there and then you can set it up so that it goes in to your Apple or Windows Mail if you prefer. So whoever is the host you should be able to easily find support docs or just call them, particularly if it is GoDaddy it is very easy.

    That’s separate from the WordPress dashboard.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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