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  1. ryancp
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I submitted this to wordpress.org site bug report, but thought I should submit here too.

    On a self-hosted, installed version of WordPress with the wordpress.com stats plugin installed, there is an annoyance on the dashboard page.

    The code in the frame that contains the login form to wordpress.com stats contains this javascript code: try{document.getElementById('user_login').focus();}catch(e){}

    When I go to my dashboard page, am not logged in to my wordpress.com account, and this code runs, it places the focus on the username login text field, and "jumps down" to that area. This causes me to have to scroll back up to get to the "Write", "Manage", etc. links that I need.

    It's presumptuous to think that when I go to my dashboard that the focus needs to be on that username login field, as opposed to all the other more important links on that page.

    Like I said in the subject, it's an annoyance, but I'd appreciate it if you all would remove that javascript code so this negative action does not occur.

    Thank you.

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