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    I’m trying to fix a problem on a friend’s site,
    PR Healthworks
    He has an old WP version = 3.3.1 – and while the site itself shows up fine, the dashboard is only showing the left menu, nothing in the main screen. Image of the problem

    When I look at View Code, only partial code for the page is there. It ends with this section:
    ‘<div id=”wpbody-content”>
    <div id=”screen-meta” class=”metabox-prefs”>

    <div id=”contextual-help-wrap” class=”hidden”>
    <div id=”contextual-help-back”></div>
    <div id=”contextual-help-columns”>
    <div class=”contextual-help-tabs”>

      <li id=”tab-link-overview” class=”active”>


      <li id=”tab-link-help-navigation” class=””>


      <li id=”tab-link-help-layout” class=””>


      <li id=”tab-link-help-content” class=””>



    <div class=”contextual-help-sidebar”>’

    Obviously the code is getting truncated.

    The only menu option that shows anything in the main screen is Thesis Options.

    I’ve been trying to update WP to 3.8 but finding it impossible to do through the dashboard, even though the update link shows up on the Thesis Options page, it just goes to another blank main screen.

    I’ve tried renaming all plugins to remove them, and renaming the Thesis theme to remove that. No joy.

    I have turned on debugging to a debug log. The log is

    Thanks for any help


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