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    This looks like a great plugin, but I’d like to use it more for admins (and maybe authors) to be able to see when each other are on-line, rather than displaying it out to the world. The two functions seem to be tied, meaning I have to have the frontend showing before the backend functions. Can I just use the backend? Also, can the backend have similar display options? It takes up a HUGE amount of space on the Dashboard, and I didn’t see a way to configure that.

    Also, maybe I was doing something wrong, but it showed me as being off-line while I was logged in working on it.


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  • You don’t have to have this plugin enabled in the frontend for it to work in the backend.

    Yes it does take up a lot of your dashboard space, but I have a site where multiple editors have their own pages. I need to know if they are online before I use the WP Optimize plugin, otherwise I would be deleting all their auto-saves.

    I also found, as other people have, that it doesn’t show the admin as being online when first installed. However that starts working after you have logged in and out a few times.

    Plugin Author Raul Illana


    Hi Steve, Graham. Sorry for the delay.

    As Graham points, it will show any user online only after it logged once with plugin active. Also agreed about frontend, if you don’t want the widget active, don’t use it. 🙂

    About the dashboard configuration, it’s planned for a future release.

    I know is not really optimized for a long users list, but meanwhile, use 4 columns in the dashboard and use one just for this widget. Sure it will make your day. 😉


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