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  • When I went onto my website this morning to post some more news on it, I went into the dashboard and it did not look normal. It was missing some of it’s ‘style’ or something. It was just all white with it’s basic format still in tact. In case you don’t understand, see the photo below.

    Dashboard Not Working Properly

    I tried refreshing the page multiple times and just trying all sorts of things. I use Google Chrome so I tried my dashboard on IE and Firefox, same result. I then tried my other computer on all 3 browsers, same result. Eventually, on my first computer, the dashboard looked normal again. I have no idea how it started working again. Only one problem still remained, the Visual Editor when creating/editing a post or page was just blank, with no button menu. I was able to type into the HTML Text box and all the other text boxes on the page, but not on the Visual Editor.

    Blank Visual Editor

    I then switched to my other computer again, and played around with the site and my browsers for hours until somehow, the Dashboard format changed back to normal instead of the white messed up version. Even though the Dashboard now looked fine, the Visual Editor still did not work…

    I also found it strange how the Related Posts section when you Edit or create a New Post wasn’t loading. It usually loads and tells me what it does. It just keeps loading.

    Related Posts Widget Not Loading

    I then contacted the other staff authors on my WordPress site and asked if they had this problem. They told me their dashboard and visual editors were perfectly fine.

    Other Info: My website is and I use GoDaddy webhosting.

    I do not know what is wrong. Please help. This is urgent.

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    Sounds like a local network issue or LAN cache glitch. Looks fine to me; nothing wrong with WordPress.

    What do you suppose I should do to fix it then?

    My dashboard switched back to not looking right again.

    Moderator Mark Ratledge


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    Screenshots mean nothing. Look at the source code to see what files are missing.

    But really, your site and WP is fine. Reboot your PC, router, DSL modem, everything. Call your ISP and see if they have issues.

    The files were just to show you guys in case you didn’t understand.

    Well, my dashboard went back to looking normal after a couple hours more. I was still unable to make posts because the visual editor was not working. I then called my ISP and told them to reset my DSL or try something. I then went to sleep and woke up the next morning to everything being perfectly fine: everything worked.

    Then come today, I still see the dashboard perfectly fine, but the visual editor is not working again…

    Any more suggestions? Anyone? Please.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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