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  • None of the feeds on my dashboard are updating (wordpress news, etc). I have tried changing the version of wordpress, disabling all my plugins, refreching and clearing my cache. None of them seem to work.
    Does anyone have any sugestions? I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance,

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    This exact thing happened with all BlueHost customers. Apparently, BlueHost’s firewall was blocking WP from loading the feeds. You may want to check with your hosting provider’s support department.

    I know that it is not that because I have 3 wordpress blog running on the same host. Two of them work fine, just this one won’t. I will check however. Thanks for your help.

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    I am just curious. Why are you desperate about getting the feeds updated?

    I actaully like reading them. It is no huge problem but I like finding out about new plugins and the like. It stops me having to visit every site individualy to check for updates. I am not desprate but i would like it back.

    Good luck trying to get the Dashboard to work. I’ve been having problems with it for weeks. I now use Angsuman’s modified dashboard and it’s much, much better. Just add the WP Dev Blog to bloglines or something. Good luck with it though – it doesn’t seem to be much of a priority around here…

    Oh, I’m also not a bluehost customer. I also have 3 blogs, and the dashboard worked in various degrees. 🙂

    I wonder what the problem really is. This is quite intrigueing as diffrent blogs on the same hosting have diffrent results……

    could it be possible that two of the blogs are on one server and the offending blog is on another physical server with different settings?

    That is a very good point. I am curently using statichost and i dont know if they distribute the subdomains out on to diffrent phisical servers. How can I check this?

    Thanks for the tip,

    Interesting… I have a virtual server running a few WordPress blogs. On one site, I have a WP blog setup as a test preview for someone and the dashboard works perfectly. Yesterday, I set up a second blog on that same site and I get no external content (WP feeds) on the dashboard at all. I do see the Latest Activity and Blog Stats box, just nothing from the latest WP news area. It’s not essential that I have this, but I don’t like mysteries–why doesn’t the dashboard work here?
    JF 😉

    All my blogs are on the same server. The Dashboard always worked with 1.5. It was only after upgrading that the dashboards started exhbiting the strange behaviors.

    I could have sworn I saw a reply to a post here where someone said they made a change to the CSS of the page that displays the dashboard, and that made the dashboard show up. Alas, I can not find that post!

    I honestly don’t think it’s a transmission problem – with my blogs at least – I think it’s a display problem. I could see it being a transmission problem if some of the lines dropped out or something, but sometimes the text is “invisible” until I highlight it [which indicates to me that it’s received, but not displaying correctly], and sometimes the display will just have a “square” of text – literally, a square shaped chunk of text. To me, those connote display problems. But I have no idea how to fix it, and no confirmation that I’m anywhere near correct… so I gave up.

    i noticed that my dashboard now does not display any of the feeds (makes it much faster however! :-)) i have made no changes to my wordpress install since i installed 1.5.1 weeks ago. strange.

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    Has you host made any server, PHP, or Apache changes in the past week?

    i know that they upgraded to NetAdmin 4 (, but other than that i haven’t really been keeping track. i’ll have a closer look.

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