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  • One one of my sites,

    The dashboard won’t show me the plugins that need to be updated — 99% of the time. Once in a while they show, and I can update one. Then they don’t show anymore. I know at least 6 need to be update, but don’t know which ones.

    Is there a way to cure this?

    Thanks, Mike H.

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  • Hey Mike. I’m glad to jump in here and help you out.
    Do you installed WordPress from 1-click installer that comes in Cpanel?
    I ask this because cPanel’s Site Software Addon Disables WordPress Auto Updates. For more info read this.

    Walter — Thank you for jumping right in. But no, this installation is done independently … created a database, loaded WordPress, and installed.

    Plugin updates worked fine for about 9 months. Then, starting about 3 months ago, it would show 2 or 3 plugins needing an update, and when I go to do it, it indicates nothing needs updating. A few days later, they’ll show again. I’ll manage to update one, and the rest disappear again. There has to be a way to make always work as it should, instead of 1-2% of the time. Very strange behavior.

    I have other sites, one with the same theme, and I’ve never seen this happen in any of the others, but it just continues with this one.

    Anyone have a thought of what it could be?


    Hey Mike,
    Thanks for the detailed information.
    Since you have another site with the same theme, then there is a high probability that the issue comes from a plugin conflict.
    Try deactivating all plugins. Reactivate each one individually until you find the plugin causing conflict.

    Hope this helps!

    Good idea Walt. Some plugin may have caused this when it was updated at some time.

    Thanks, Mike

    Hi Mike,

    Did you manage to resolve this? I’m getting a similar problem and your findings may help point me in the right direction.



    Hey Mike,

    Just wanted to share that I managed to find the cause of my problem. The plugin All In One SEO Pack PRO v2.4.9.2, once deactivated showed all available updates.

    There is a new update available for the All In One SEO plugin, but I’ve read there are issues with the upgrade version too. For now, I will continue to go through the deactivate/activate process when there are updates needed for other plugins etc. Not ideal, but it’s a way forward until a new stable version of the All In One SEO Pack version is available.

    I hope this is of help you & others.





    Confirmed this solution as well. – As soon as I deactivate All in One SEO Pack I am able to update my other plugin’s


    Let me also confirm that after deactivating AIO SEO all plugin updates showed normally…. lol what a joke, should i be jumping back to Yoast now ?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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