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    Hey, hoping someone could help with this. Im currently running into some issues while testing the wc vendors application on my sandbox site.

    My first issue is emails aren’t getting sent to the applicant when they check “register to become a vendor” after signing up and getting verified manually.

    When I uncheck “Manually approve all vendor applications” in the settings, it makes it possible to become a vendor immediately upon registration, and your met with the vendor dashboard when you sign in for the first time, but as soon as you click any other link and then click on the “accounts” tab your brought back to the same accounts page you see as a customer, there’s no vendor dashboard. You can go back to the vendor dashboard, but if you sign out then sign back in the dashboard is gone and it’s just your customer account — no vendor account.

    When I signed up for an account on a different pc and became a vendor, I still have no dashboard but was given part admin privileges to the back end on the site.

    Please let me know if this sounds familiar. Im running wc vendors with the neve theme with all the required plugins.

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  • Plugin Author Jamie


    Hi @pigma

    With WC Vendors Marketplace, the dashboard is a simple front end for orders and vendor settings. To add or edit products, this is done via the WordPress admin. We do not automatically redirect vendors to their dashboard in our free product. You can achieve the auto-redirect with the following code in your themes functions.php.


    You will also need to put a link to the vendor dashboard in your navigation so that the vendors can navigate to it if they need to. You can use Nav Menu Roles plugin to make this option only show for vendors.



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