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    For some reason my Dashboard news feed with all the little news boxes no longer appears, and there is a delay when I click on any other admin link of about 20-30 seconds before it heads to the link, as though it’s waiting for the news feed to come up. Does anyone know what’s happened, or encountered anything similar before?

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  • Same thing here, the lttle boxes and news feeds headlines all gone.

    as well as not being able to publish an article or post, and not being able to even save anything, without the message
    “can’t open the page “…wp-admin/post.php” or “…/wp-admin/user-edit.php” because it could not load any data from this location.

    Deleting two lines (or commenting them out) in config.php did not solve anything.

    Strange – you’re having the same problem? Did it just happen today? I’ve been able to edit posts, although they take a while. There are a bunch of strange things happening with my blog, like the background/sidebar stopping loading halfway through sometimes, but that’s another matter…

    This solution has resolved the Dashboard feeds problems AND the save edit “can’t open the page” problems.

    See this discussion: Dashboard Posts

    I still have one issue left. The publish new post one. But… strangely now that Dashboard and save edits works, my Dashboard says the post I have been trying to publish is scheduled in 10 hours.

    but the changes to the .htaccess file have resolved most of this.


    Dashboard feeds disappeared again when I activated the Bad Behavior plugin.

    When I deactivated Bad Behavior, got the ‘cannot open page’ message, first time, redid the deactivation, and my Safari crashed.

    After restarting, and pulling browser and WordPress back up, and the Dashboard, found that the plugin had been deactivated, but had to reload the Dashboard a couple times before it pulled up the news feeds without errors.

    That may have been a Safari cache problem, as I did not empty it this time.

    Any way, progressing thru plugins one at a time and checked the page on what plugins are compatible with version 2.2, found Bad Behavior was not listed.

    Also noticed the WP_CACHE plugin is not working properly. So need to check on configurations.
    I couldn’t find that, so (?)

    Well, whatever went wrong has now righted itself, with no action from myself.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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