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  • Ever since I upgraded to 2.9, and then 2.9.1, the Dashboard modules can’t seem to remember my login for more than a day, if that.

    I tend to leave my dashboard up and logged in all the time on my home computer in Firefox. Lately, when I reload the page, it loads fine at first – while waiting for the Incoming Links, WordPress Development Blog, Plugins, Other WordPress News, and the WordPress Stats modules to load. But then as those begin to render the blue color theme reverts to grey, the site name reverts to the WordPress logotype, and the aforementioned modules (or at least some of them) contain a login form for my site.

    If I fill in one of the forms, I get a new page with just the contents of that module, unformatted. Then if I go back (with the browser button) to the dashboard and reload the page it loads fine for a few more tries.

    Sometimes, if I just reload the page without filling in any forms, it works fine again.

    What’s going on here? Any ideas? I’ve tried clearing my cache and cookies but it doesn’t seem to have fixed it.

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  • Bump.

    Any ideas?! This is pretty annoying.

    Are you using any plugin for redirecting users somewhere?
    It could be a script for stealing your pass, which is triggered when the dashboard loads (but not as fast so you actually see some of it loading)

    Did you fix it?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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