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  • i’m using wordpress since 2.0 and since the upgrade to 2.3.3 my dashboard shows me old wordpress development blog posts. for today it should show me something like

    WordPress 2.3.3 — 29 days ago

    but instead i get

    WordPress 2.2.2 and 2.0.11 — 213 days ago

    also, the plugin section does not feature “There is a new version of – pluginname – available”

    i made several clean installs, but that won’t help either. any suggestions? would appreciate your help!

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  • I had this problem with WordPress 2.3.3 and I’m still facing it with 2.5.

    I’ve traced it to the fact that WordPress uses the PHP fsockopen() function to access some resources available under the domain (such as the development blog feed, or the current version of installed plugins). I have WordPress installed on two of my web host’s servers. One of them is working perfectly fine. The other errors on fsockopen() calls sent to the domain. On the same server, fsockopen() works fine with other domains. This is confirmed when I change the feed URL of the WordPress Developement Blog widget to some other feed that is not hosted on

    Is it possible that could blacklist some of my web host’s servers? Of course, when i asked my web host if they were blacklisting, they told me that “No no no! It must be WordPress blacklisting us!”

    Anyway, any WordPress function using fsockopen() fails for me with a “Connection refused” or “Connection timed out” error.

    (By the way, for the original poster, old posts are displayed in the dashboard when WordPress resorts to displaying the data it has in cache.)

    I see the same problem since the beginning of the year. My host is

    I reported the issue on via “report a Site Bug” with no respsonse thus far.

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