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  • My site admin.. dashboard.. is loading very very slowly. It is also taking forever for a page to load when I edit a post or write a post. Any suggestions as to why this is happening. It has been going on for about two weeks and is very very frustrating as it takes forever to do anything with my blog.

    Thanks for any and all suggestions and advice.

    Simply Coll

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  • Is anyone else experiencing this problem. I would really appreciate any advise.

    you can disable the dashboard with a plugin. Would you like that?

    I do not wish to disable the dashboard. I would just like it to load and also to write posts and edit posts. Currently my dashboard is loading very slowly. It is also very slow to edit or write posts. Any suggestions as to what may be causing the slowness. This is a new issue and very annoying.




    Its terribly difficult for anyone to tell you what it’s causing any slowness since we have a limited amount of information.

    We dont know what plugins you are using, if any.
    We don’t what changes you have made, if any.
    We dont know if you are pinging out after you create a post, or if you have disabled it.

    We dont know, and not too many of us read minds 🙂

    Generally speaking, slowness could be caused by lots of things, all of these are possibilitys and but no means are all-inclusive.

    Pinging .. if pingomatic is slow
    Plugins: could be anything
    Actual dashboard page: one of the sites that a feed is on could be slow.

    I have not made any changes to my blog. I am currently using WordPress 2.0.3 The only plugin I am using is Akismet. Pingomatic is enabled. But if this was the problem.. wouldn’t more bloggers be experiencing this problem. Just now it took 120. 15 sec. for my dashboard to load. Once I am on the dashboard page I can click through the options with out any problem. The only other time I have issues is when I try to save or edit a post. It again takes forever to make the changes.

    If you need to know anything .. please just ask. I am not sure what else you may need to know to help me with this problem. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

    Simply Coll

    In my several WP blogs over the last couple years, I’ve found that the Dashboard has a chronic problem of loading slowly due to trying to pull from the RSS feeds of various WordPress Famous People. It’s the #1 most annoying “feature” of WP.

    For that reason I recommend modifying the code for the Dashboard in the wp-admin folder and removing the block of code that contacts the Famous People every time you want to make a post.

    The other reason is, do you really care what the Famous People are blogging about? There’s a relevant update about every 2 or 3 months, that’s a lot of loading RSS just to find out what you could find out elsewhere anyway.

    Thanks for this suggestion. Could you please be specific about where and what piece of code I should delete.

    Sorry coll, I could but I don’t want to dig into my templates right now to write it out exactly. Save a back-up copy of the file (/wp-admin/index.php) and try hacking it, if you mess up then replace the back-up copy.

    From memory there is a larrrrrge section of code that can be deleted from the Dashboard’s template (/wp-admin/index.php), and if you read the code from top to bottom you’ll see, it’s somewhat obvious the large block that deals with pulling in RSS feeds. You’ll also note that it is everything including the CSS divs that wrap around this section of code, there are 2 CSS div’s that contain the RSS stuff, when you look at your Dashboard you see 1 div style of the main wordpress news feed at the top, THEN you see all those headlines from the Famous people in grey boxes which are the 2nd div. Whack it out.




    manstraw already provided a link to a plugin that disables the dashboard (THATS the RSS feed crap). Perhaps she didnt understand what she was saying when she said “I do not wish to disable the dashboard. ”

    For me, it’s actually handy to have an Intro page in the Admin, which we call Dashboard. I wanted my own content there (instructions and quick-links for my Authors and Editors), instead of the pre-selected Feeds. I also re-arranged the right-sidebar content of the Dashboard. It was a good experience to look into the admin code. I have to remember what I did because this could be overwritten when the next WP upgrade comes out, at that point I’ll check out the revised Dash and decide whether to hack it again.

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