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  • Hi, I would like to have a blog in Chinese (mainland), however although I speak it, I cannot read it and therefore would like to have my dashboard in English.

    Is there a way to accomplish this? I have looked at quite some places, but cannot find anything about this.

    Any help or pointing in the right direction is appreciated.


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  • anyone? even a link in the right direction would be highly appreciated!


    Thanks for your response samboll, but that is not what I meant.

    I don’t want to do any translations, I just want to make a Chinese website. But the dashboard needs to remain in English.

    Normally if you make a site in any language, the ‘normal’ WordPress terms remain in the installed language (English). Therefore phrases like “Archive for … category” remains in English, but since that is a text that the visitor will see, I would like to have that in Chinese.

    I am wondering if perhaps the only solution is to change the English language file with POEdit into Chinese for only the terms that visitors will see.

    If that has been done already, then it would save me quite some time…

    Or is there another solution?

    xili-language plugin is typically a good tool to do what you want. You admin in english and you can choose what it appear in english or in chinese in the template theme… But a ‘do it your self method’ needs to spent time to do a good analysis…


    actually I found a great new plugin that solves this problem: Admin In English
    Thanks for your input though!

    Ok, in your case, with this plugin, the site is not really multilingual in visitors side because it has the language of wp-config for visitors and admin dashboard remain in english with this simple plugin…
    Enjoy !

    yeah that is also exactly what i wanted and originally posted 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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