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  • Hello developers,

    im working on a project with a few classmates to make a website for a non-profit labelrecord.

    my part of the job is creating a artist section with individual artist profiles, and make this user friendly. the admin must be able to add a new artist very easily. and the artist itself must have a user account where he or she can change their only profile.

    My idea was to create a new dashboard function(plugin), like adding a new page. where the admin can create a new artist. when doing so, the function should create a new page and attach a user to it which the artist can use to edit his or her own page.

    My only problem is, is that i never created a plugin for wordpress. I have quickly read over the API and creating a plugin documentation but im still not quite sure if this is possible the way i want to do it with my current idea.

    I could just let the admin create a new page and a new user and give the user acces to edit the specific page but that would be too much of a handle for the admin if it needs to be user friendly.

    Any idea’s/tips/tutorials for such things are very much appreciated.


    I do have basic experience in programming in PHP.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I can’t think of any reason you could not make a plugin that creates a dashboard widget dedicated to adding artist-users that also creates a new page with proper access rights. Your admin will need to realize this is just for artists, and to use the usual add user page for anyone else, and that the usual add user page should not be used for artists.

    If you wanted to expand the usual add user page to do additional tasks when a artist user is added, that could be difficult to do cleanly.

    You should be able to find what you need in the codex or by searching without much trouble. I find it useful to examine existing code that does something similar when I’m stuck on how to do something specific. I’d start by making a basic widget that just adds a generic page to start, then gradually add more functionality until it works completely as intended. Have fun!

    Thank you for all the reactions. My teacher gave me a magazine about wordpress and it seems that its easier to do then i thought it was =), I might as well re-build it so that other people can have use out of it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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