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  • I’m using bluehost and the theme SEO Basics 1.0.3 – I have tried to upload the e-commerce plugin, but the WP dashboard doesn’t see it.

    Have tried uploading the zip file and unzipping remotely, uploading via http and ftp – no difference. Bluehost file manager sees the folder and contents in the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, but no deal in the plugins menu.


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  • I am using inmotion hosting, and I also uploaded wp e-commerce successfully but do not see it on my dashboard plugins page. As with the poster above, it is in the /wp-content/plugins directory.

    What do I do?

    make sure youre not nesting the plugin directory — Ive created a video tutorial that explains how not to do that.

    Make sure you have the directory nested properly. If there is a directory within the directory, it will need to be pulled out and moved up a level. So you shouldn’t have wp-contents/plugins/seoexample/seoexample you should have wp-contents/plugins/seoexampl/(And right here would be some files etc.

    echo .. echo

    Thanks for the thoughts, but it looks like it is sitting right where it should be, on wp-contents/plugins/wp-e-commerce…
    I can see askimet right there with it, so I feel that it is in the right place, yet still does not register on dashboard.

    looks like .. i feel ..

    and like I said, thats NOT the problem. The problem is INSIDE that directory.

    Its exceedingly frustrating to try to help ppl that dont take advice, or follow links that explain in detail what they need to be looking for.

    .. i suggest providing a link to your blog

    bingo – got it, thanks.

    tandemstudios, I can see where your problem is as well, I think:

    your filepath to the e-commerce folder is correct. Problem is, you don’t want ecommerce, you want the *shopping cart* plugin nested within. Begging the question of why the ecommerce folder exists at all….

    What you want to do is move the shopping cart folder (along with its contents) out of the ecommerce folder, and into the plugins folder – ‘/public_html/wp-content/plugins’

    That solution worked for me, so far. Will update if something acts unexpectedly.

    the nesting of folders is the most common problem when installing plugins.

    YES — it worked!

    Thank you both for your help. Sorry for being exceedingly frustrating.


    no worries. As they say, the devil is in the details.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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