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  • For a few weeks now I have noticed that if I leave an Edit Post page open for a while, when I return to it there is a dashboard display at the top. The first couple of times I thought I’d somehow navigated to the Dashboard, but then I happened to scroll down far enough to realize that it was displaying at the top of the Edit Page. It’s even happened while I was typing a new post–darned thing just suddenly appeared.

    A few days ago I opened an Edit Page and left it. When I looked at it this morning there were no less than five Dashboard displays, one above the other. I suspect it happens whenever the Dashboard updates. I’ve turned off the Development blog and WordPress News to see if the problem goes away, but I am trying to figure out why this started to happen, and how it can be controlled. This doesn’t seem to me to be normal behaviour.

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  • Since I posted this, I have left an Edit Post page open and I now have SIX copies of my dashboard above the edit window. Am I really the only one suffering from this affliction?

    The last change I made was to install 3.0.1. The theme has been stable for at least a year. I know I did not have this behaviour before 3.0.1.

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    Can’t reproduce this.

    Turn off and remove your plugins.

    ipstenu,thanks for trying.

    I have determined that this is happening as a result of a spammer hacking into my ISP. Fortunately, my WordPress install is not infected. I’m not sure exactly why this affects me, but I’ve got my ISP working on it. It is also affecting some non-Wordpress accounts.

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