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  • Hi, I’m looking for some help on the blank screen of death, please. It’s coming up after I log in to the admin panel. The dashboard basically flashes for a second, then disappears to a completely blank screen. I did find a work-around for now, but I’d like to have my dashboard back. If I go to or similar, I can get to my pages and everything else…just no dashboard.

    I didn’t recently upgrade or add plug-ins or anything like that, however I did just install phplist on another database on my site. That’s the only thing different that happened, so I’m wondering whether there’s something with that. Since I’d been troubleshooting, I deleted all (I think) of the files associated with phplist.

    It seems like this is a common problem that’s caused for many different reasons. I looked at other threads and blogs and tried the following:

    deactivated plug-ins
    deactivated theme
    index.php file in plug-in folder, renamed to index.html
    removed blank lines from wp-config.php
    uninstalled/reinstalled WordPress (have 2.9.2 now…been keeping up with updates)

    When these things didn’t fix the problem I put them back the way I found them.

    Do y’all have any ideas on what to do? Thank you!

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  • try adding this line to wp-config.php

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

    I think that’s on the right track, thanks. After I added that line the dashboard stayed up for a little while, but I reset Safari to make sure it stuck and when I went back it disappeared again. It does seem to be trying a little harder, though.

    Could I change it to higher number?

    Could I change it to higher number?

    yes – try 96M

    Hmm, that didn’t do it. If it’s a memory issue, might it be somehow limited in my hosting? Any other ideas?

    I was just giving one option for a blank screen. You might ask host to bump it to at least rule it out

    Thanks, I put the request in to the host.

    Anyone have any other thoughts on what could be causing this?

    OK, so that wasn’t it…any other ideas?

    I had simmilar problem – blank screen everywhere on my website. I changed ini setting by adding the following line in wp-config.php:

    ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ’96M’);


    I my case, the dashboard loaded, but after a few seconds the elements on the page started to resize, show the background color of my site for a bit and then -poof- a sea of white.

    I finally figured out what it was after checking all your fixes. And for me it was a completely different solution. Maybe this will help someone with a similar problem.

    The problem:
    WP Stats needs to login when you login. If you log in as a different user from the one that activated WP Stats, then it won’t automatically login but redirect the user (to nowhere).

    If you have any plugins that require an API key, log in as the one that activated it (admin usually). Or disable the plugins using API keys to check if it fixes your problem.

    Disable WP Stats. Or similar API key using plugins (could perhaps log in to WP Stats with the new user ID so it won’t redirect upon loading).

    How did I figure it out:
    I kept breaking my site further and further until nothing worked anymore. Mainly I changed the htacces file without updating it (because I was redirecting the site to a different url). None of my content pages worked anymore (cept index.php) but the dashboard loaded and didn’t redirect anymore. HOWEVER when the dashboard was completely loaded the cursor would jump to a login field at the bottom of the page where a WP Stats widget was shown(!).

    Gozza – I think your issue is different then the one originally posted. Stats is all screwed up as of this morning. Redirecting to logins, old sites, and loops to logins. I am guessing a Sexy WPStats update on Thursday for the WordPress.Com folks is the culprit.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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