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  • I have two WP blogs. One of them,, I can get into the Dashboard just fine. But for, I go to the dashboard, it blinks for a second on the page, and then it’s like its trying to load something else bc the “loading” is still twirling but now the screen is all white. I’m unable to get in, but it’s just this site.

    I can’t log out, I can’t change anything, I can’t do ANYthing.

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  • I don’t know if this helps, but it IS reloading to something else. Viewing my history on my browser says its: wyciwyg://620/

    In my opinion you need to try disabling plugins, as it’s the most likely cause..

    If you can’t disable them via the dashboard, then it may be necessary to rename/move/delete (i’d opt for renaming for simplicity) the plugin folder to see if functionality returns, then systematically enabling the old plugins to find out which is the culprit..

    NOTE: If you rename the plugin folder, create a new empty one and name it plugins, just to stop WordPress kicking up a fuss when it can’t find one.

    Please do backup your data prior to doing this, some plugins can be really problematic when you mess with them, and i’d not suggest the above without first having a backup in place, just incase a needed plugin gets funny about being absent briefly..

    Ok I tried that, and it didn’t change anything =/

    Try switching theme.. theme’s can perform just as much functionality as plugins do… so just as likely..

    I’d have mentioned it before, but figured it would be a plugin, guess i was wrong..

    I’ll wait and see if any WP employee helps before changing the theme. I can’t risk completely messing up my site by flipping these switches when it worked this morning, I edited a draft post, and then an hour later kablooey. Nothing changed, nothing updated without my consent.

    Check the database… , repair if necessary..

    WordPress is an open source community, the people that help are the people that use and/or write WordPress, there’s no special staff here.

    Those that offer answers to support requests do so voluntarily in their spare time.

    Ok, I don’t know how to check/repair the database.

    I tried something else….Instead of going to default wp-admin main dashboard I went right into something else, I think it happened to be the theme editor, and I was able to see the dashboard then and do things. But if I clicked on the main dashboard….white screen.
    NOW if I try that same trick? It doesn’t even look the same as before its like….like a mobile version of a webpage.

    I’m a hunt -n- peck blogger, but I don’t know about the database thing and I’m still trying to process in my head WTF happened to go from working one minute to barely breathing the next.

    I finally got an error message! yay! yay?

    Warning: gzinflate() [function.gzinflate]: data error in /home/content/19/5215119/html/wp-includes/http.php on line 1788

    Warning: gzuncompress() [function.gzuncompress]: data error in /home/content/19/5215119/html/wp-includes/http.php on line 1793

    Looks like you’ve been hacked to me. You’ve got some obfuscated code at the bottom of your blog that’s trying to pull in malicious code via a couple of different sites.

    These should get you started…

    How To Completely Clean Your Hacked WordPress Installation

    Wow, you’re not wrong alism, i’ve just gone to take a look again and been warned of a trojan… (do you get that if you take a look now?)

    UGH. Ok thanks guys.

    Alism, is there a way to tell what caused it?

    No, I didn’t get warned, but I grabbed the page source code through a proxy just in case it was hacked as I didn’t want to catch anything nasty.

    Could be a number of things. Insecure scripts on your site? Perhaps you’ve been a bit slack keeping your WP up to date? Insecure server? Malware on your PC that’s stolen your ftp/wp login credentials? Maybe just a weak password?

    Difficult to say really. Only you’ll be able to answer that question, but you may need to do some detective work first – check your server logs, scan your computer etc etc.

    Best of luck.

    Thanks for the help. Luckily I have hosting through godaddy and they back up my files for a few days….so I was able to do a restore “roll back” to the day before my files went kablooey. Waiting on tonight’s logs to see what happened.

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