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    My dashboard is completely broken – I only see its heading and the “Latest Activity”-heading and that’s it. Everything else is not available! 🙁

    OK, I can tell that it’s plugin-related because if I disable some plugins (couldn’t find out which one, but read on to get to know why), the dashboard works again.
    If I re-enable *all* plugins, the dashboard is still shown (even then CTRL+SHIFT+R is pressed in Firefox to get the page directly and freshed from the webserver). Also when logging out and then in again, it’s still visible.

    But after some time, the dashboard gets hidden again.

    So I’m asking for help on this and how to fix it! 🙂

    Kindly regards,

    Martin.. 😀

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  • i optimized my database using phpadmin to fix this problem on my end…

    OK, did that, too. But no luck with the dashboard – it’s still broken.. 🙁

    Any further help? 🙂

    *bump* 😉

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Have you gone through and variously tried plugin on/off combos to see which is the one doing this ? It may well take time but that is the way it is.
    Checked the pages of the plugin authors to see if it is mentioned there ?
    Done a search here for those plugins to see if it is mentioned ?

    As stated above, disabling all plugins causes the dashboard to work again, of course.
    But the weird thing is that enabling them *all* again, doesn’t cause the dashboard to brake – the break happens some time later and I just can’t figure out what’s the cause for that! 🙁

    The plugins are updated to the latest version I could find at the websites of the authors. 🙂

    So that’s why I came here.. 😉


    Finally, I got it!!! “wpLicense” causes the dashboard to be broken.
    I found it out due to I don’t need that plugin anymore and therefore deactivated and removed the plugin and the dashboard works now like a charm! 😀

    So, nevertheless: Thanks! 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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