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    I guess this is another 2.8 problem story. I used the automatic upgrade function to update my blog.
    The update gave 1 error during the process but the error went away when i refreshed it, didnt note the error.

    Now the blog has been updated and is working but the entire dashboard look has been broken. I have given screenshot links below of the dasbboard. I have checked the F.A.Q for help.:
    Have tried deactivating all plugins
    Have tried setting the default wp theme.
    Tried clearing the browser cache

    Could someone help me out?

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    Have you tried re-uploading WP 2.8 via FTP? Looks like you’re missing some files

    Now iv started getting an error on the theme i have
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function ot_set_color() in /home/metalsei/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/one-theme/header.php on line 4

    One-theme is installed



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    Have you tried re-uploading WP 2.8 via FTP? Looks like you’re missing some files
    Check this out too:

    Re-uploading right now. Lets see what happens.
    I have checked out that support thread- the only relevant one to the problem seemed

    Delete wp-admin and wp-includes directories and upload fresh copies from a new(important) install package or reinstall automatically

    I dont have gears enabled

    Completed the re upping. dashboard still
    looks the same 🙁
    and same error at the blog.

    Still not working
    I guess the theme error is theme specific?

    I do not think it theme specific. I have the same problem.
    I cannot even edit my drafts anymore.

    I got the dashboard working atleast.
    Deleted the wp-admin and wp-includes folder and re upped

    Now the theme doesnt work, will try to find an udpdate to it

    Are you able to edit drafts?

    I’m experiencing the exact same problem… My admin panel is broken. The Blog seems to look good and operates properly tho.

    Well, problem fixed by deleting all the files manually on the server using my FTP client and by re-uploading the WP2.8 files.

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    I have the same problem. I tried FTPing several times previous versions of wordpress and wordpress 2.8.

    I am now trying to get my hosting company to restore.

    My dashboard was also a complete mess.

    Xof711, you mentioned deleting all files manually, how do I do this and where do I get the wp2.8 files to re-upload?

    I’m having the same dashboard issue. Planning to try a reupload of files, which I did manually with ftp to begin with.

    I noticed in prior updates, and this one as well, that there are some files in the wp-includes folder that I cannot delete. I can’t change the permissions on them and get the error msg. that I don’t have permission to change or delete these. They’re the Crystal folder and some stuff in the js folder. I have just changed the names of these hoping to work around but, anyone else encounter this?

    Meanwhile, will watch for admin an dashboard fixes…

    Me again. I reuploaded the entire wp-admin folder.

    Now I have a dashboard and admin area that looks right. However, visual editor and html editor both broken.

    Can insert a title for a new post, but can’t write post in the text box, and cannot edit existing posts.

    Off to search for new ideas on this.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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