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    I was trying to make breadcrumbs disappear on my home page, as here I got it to hide, but the style of the breadcrumbs changed on the other pages.

    So I downloaded the newer Yoast Breadcrumbs file at the link above. To be cautious, I didn’t overwrite anything. I copied the text of yoast_posts.php to a text editor for safe-keeping, and pasted the text of the yoast breadcrumbs in using the editor in WP dashboard. (I know, I didn’t notice they are supposed to be different files till afterwards, I’m learning on the fly.)

    When that didn’t fix my problem, I pasted the original yoast_posts text back into the editor and clicked update. Theoretically, everything is now as it was before my little experiment.

    However, if I refresh my site or my dashboard now, or click any link in either, I get a totally white blank page. BAD THING.

    Please help!

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  • esmi


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    Try re-uploading a fresh copy of your theme.

    Hey thanks for the posts. I solved it by accessing the yoast_posts file via FTP and pasting the original text in. Apparently when I attempted to do that through WP editor it did not update the file.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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