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  • I got the 9/29 nightly a couple of days ago, so far, so good, except 2 things.
    1) I couldn’t figure out how to make static pages. Could someone point me in the right direction?
    2) I noticed a new menu bar option called “Dashboard” but all it seemed to do was redirect me back to the “Write Post” page. Is it supposed to do that or will this be future functionality?

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  • 1) You need to go into your permalinks options and update your permalink file. You do this after creating the static page. Make sure your .htaccess file is chmod 644
    2) I’m wondering about that too…
    It would be good if you could call php functions from the static pages. Then many of the statistics plugins or other site info pages can make calls into WordPress for their content.
    As it stands the characters are all being encoded as html special chars which results in no function calls. It would be great if we could have dynamic content on the pages.

    *stares at unoamigo blankly* Eh? the .htaccess file? What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China? I was under the impression that there would be an interface in the admin area where I could create said static pages, and manage them. Did I fall off the beer truck? Or was I completely mistaken as to how this would work?

    No, you didn’t fall off the beer truck. You just emptied a few too many kegs on the way to the party.
    The static pages work by creating something like:
    This redirects to the static page you created. All your static pages are under wordpress/site/page_name
    In order to do fancy little URIs like this you need to edit your .htaccess file so it looks at the URI and generates the correct query string. In this case…
    You create and manage these static pages under wp-admin – manage – pages.
    I would be most incorrect in stating that you need to update your permalink structure every time. Doh. If you are working with a fresh install of 1.3 your in better shape. If you have an existing .htaccess file, I’d consider clearing it out and using the auto generated stuff from WordPress. At least to get you going. If your static pages are not working then you have a problem with your .htaccess file (be sure you run upgrade.php as well).
    Are things clearer yet? I hope so, were both learning at once. 😉

    The dashboard and static pages are still works in progress, as I understand it, which is the reason the dashboard link doesn’t do anything. Right now it’s just a placeholder.

    Heh, yeah.
    Still hoping that eventually we can use some php in those static pages and make them vastly more powerful.

    I don’t see how that can happen. They’re not really “static” pages; they’re served out of the database like everything else. See:
    I think the power will come from putting code in the is_page handler, not in the page itself.

    Well, yeah. But they are not really all that dynamic. The content is essentially static.
    It’s basically just a subclass of a post – of sorts.
    It would still be handy to be able to use php in the post. Sounds like a plugin might be created to do just that.

    It would still be handy to be able to use php in the post. Sounds like a plugin might be created to do just that.

    Yes, I was wanting that functionality, as well. I want to put my “contact” page (which has PHP-driven email form) under the control of WP. I’ve been pondering the possibility of writing a plugin to allow this. It really wouldn’t be that hard, unless the other content filters mangle things in some way that I’m not thinking of right now.
    But in my case, I disable the standard post filters and compose all my posts in XHTML anyways. So that wouldn’t be a problem for me.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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