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    first, i dont like that you do not give the url to the blog – I have neither the interest or the time to click yet one more page for someone looking for a review or traffic.

    second, now that I have looked at that page — you’re missing the page title. Also, why do you force the blog to open in a new window if the image is clicked on.. sigh. How irritating is that.

    As for the blog, the post titles and meta data beneath the title may as well be invisible. Personally, I don’t like to have to work to read what out to be the most informative stuff (at a glance) on the page (titles). The same for the links within the posts — unreadable.

    A few of your responses to other ppl’s requests for criticism have been a little harsh (in my opinion) so heres my take on your blog : You tried too hard, and i do NOT like the colors. You also have 19 validation errors. It also appears that your navigation is screwy — the download link takes you nowhere. Lastly, the white background in single page view is completely out of sorts with the rest of the site. Did you forget to make that black/grey as well, perhaps …

    Hope that helps and puts a little perspective on things 🙂

    PS: It might be easier next time to simply bump your other thread rather than starting a new one — sites go through lots of iterations, god forbid every site that made a css change posted here. Just my .02




    .. since this is the third time youve posted in this area, that is. Im by no means a moderator here, but I do find that irritating as well.

    i’m playing around with designs actually, and I have to open in a ew window to prevent domain refreshes. i forgot to add the /wordpress 😛

    and they are not mods to teh themes they are brand new ones 😀

    (im only new to php and css)

    i agree with whooami , link should be direct to the blog ..

    anyway blog look fine , one more theme added to the themes list .

    ha sorry, is it possible to merge the thread then?

    ha sorry, is it possible to merge the thread then?

    LOL! Looking good darkmotion, just if didn’t take me 5 to 10 minutes to load would be nice lol! But then again it might just be my crappy JUNO ISP to hahaha…


    Looks good. Clean. Yeah, i don’t like the dark scheme either. But how hard is it to switch colours? Not that hard folks. Tweak it baby!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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