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  • I am using a modified Dark Maple
    In Windows IE, the links don’t show up until hovered over. But in other browsers Firefox and Safari they are fine.
    What am I doing wrong?
    What is the name for the css that controls the links?
    Is this it? ” #nav ul ul li a ”

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  • Are you talking about the links in the menu bar to the right? I’m looking at the Dark Maple theme and the menu links are not underlined in any browser until you hover over them. If you want it to have an underline, change this:

    #nav ul ul li a {
    color: #ffedd6;
    text-decoration: none;

    to this

    #nav ul ul li a {
    color: #ffedd6;
    text-decoration: underlined;

    He is talking about a modified DM.

    Sorry moshu…sorry.

    No problem YOB 🙂
    We already went through this “exercise” yesterday…

    Yeah, but I didn’t mess with that knowingly.

    Look, I am not a developer, I am just trying to help someone out.
    But if because I modified it, I am not allowed to ask assistance, fine, I ‘ll stop asking. I thought this was support. Sorry for the confussion.

    provide a link and someone can look at your css and source. anyone then that has the FF web developer toolbar can locally change your css on the fly (only on their machine) to see exactly what needs to be changed and can post an intelligent response….

    Without that, we are in the dark as to what you realy need to change since you have modified it….

    FWIW, i found a link and viewed in both IE and FF and I saw no “invisible” links…

    Thanks philpeeps:
    But I just removed something in the sidebar and it corrected most things, for now.
    Here is the link: (its political, I don’t know if that’s the issue)
    I think I fixed my major glitch by removing a link from the top of the sidebar.
    I am a rookie with this css, I never claimed to be more.

    You can always ask for assistance, I was trying to help you, even offered that you can contact me directly!
    What pissed me off is the title of this thread – as if Dark Maple is not working properly. I beg to differ. Dark Maple’s links are OK.

    Moshu: I should have put:
    “I have no clue what I am doing, and I messed up a theme so much now, that I can’t tell what I have changed. I am trying to figure out css inorder to see what the proper controls for the links in the side bar,”
    for a title, but that seemed a little too long to me.

    No offense taken, I am just struggleing with this. I haven’t got a clue how any of this works. I kept my own site simple for that reason.

    Sidebar. You have a 156px wide picture in the sidebar, but the sidebar is only 150 px. I am talking about the big long one that pretends to be a text 🙂
    That could be ONE of the reasons having all the sidebar content down in IE.

    I forgot to check that one. I had already fixed another one.

    Chances are it is that I messed up your marvelous theme, but could the wide pix cause the links to act outside of the css rules?

    My friend, no need for getting personal and/or for sarcasm 🙂
    It’s not a “marvelous theme”… it’s just a usable stuff.
    The links or any other code never act outside the rules – it’s always the coder that acts “outside the rules”. Believe me, I am telling it based on my exprience 🙂

    Question. How comes you have a zillion of paragraph <p> tags in the sidebar? WP doesn’t put there paragraphs. Neither did I. An idea: start to delete them all. Let’s see what happens…

    I did that to space things out, so there are spaces between things.
    I’ll try removing them.

    What controls the links and headings in the sidebar?

    We want all the headings in the sidebar to be the same. My lack of css knowledge tells that they should all be the same. Were they originally in DM?
    It seems that the “pages & categories” use different css than the links. Or did I mess that up.

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