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  • Put a lot of work into this site and much more to go.

    I’m using WPMU 2.8.3, Simple Press Forum(SPF) plugin and a few other scripts and html. Many pages not uploaded yet as I have editing to do on them.

    I’ve disabled comments in post and will be redirected to the forum though an option in SPF. An example of it is at the bottom of the index page.

    I have 2 themes active which I made major changes to match my site. The index page and forum have to be on the same theme. I’ll be making a change to the Index pages using html in a post in about 12 hours. There’s too much type content on it right now. The forum needs some new graphics made for the buttons and arrows other wise it will remain the same. I need to find someone to do the graphics for me.

    All the blogs will be listed on as there are made and ready for viewing.

    The main site blogs will be controlled in house. I will also have a second WPMU in a sub-folder for public sign up. I have to much in house work to complete before I can add it and can’t project the date.

    Come visit look around and let me know what you think. I know of a problem with the header of the 2 themes looking different while viewing with FireFox. If anyone thinks they know why I’m all ears. It only happens with the theme for the Index page and forum. I’ve looked and made changes to the css many times and no luck. All the headers look the same in IE. I can’t find why it looks OK in IE and not FireFox

    Comments welcomed!

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  • so it’s a site for people who want to dapadoo? Can I upload recipes if I pay for advertising? Or do I need to log in?

    Uncle Bob has gout, and is in the mission program again. You should call him.

    Hi Crazytaxi,

    Yep, It’s safe to come to the site and Dapadoo.

    A recipe blog is planned that will interact with the forum. I’ll be posting for help to maintain the individual blogs and corresponding forum.

    Follow the RSS for “Dapadoo News” in the welcome forum for when that will happen. I hope to be rolling out blog sign up by the end of the month.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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