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  • While this looked like a really good plugin, and I was really excited to install it, it completely took down my site. At midnight, I found myself frantically emailing my developer praying that we could undo the damage. The problem was that I couldn’t even log into the WordPress dashboard.

    My developer ended up fixing the issue, with a stern warning to not reinstall. According to him, it had created these redirect loops which took up all server resources. He ended up having to reboot the server, remove the plugin on the server-side, and do something with the PHP. In the end, it was a few tense hours and a two-hundred-dollar bill to get my site back up.

    Sadly, I’m guilty of not posting reviews when plugins work great (something I’ll be fixing now). I’ve also always been hesitant to post a negative review, preferring to mind my own business and have my own private opinions. But with what this plugin did to my site, others need to know. Buyer beware. While this might once have been a really great plugin, this was not my experience. I’m just happy that my developer was willing to sit back down at his computer at midnight to undo the damage this plugin caused (i.e., a total crash of my website due to it wreaking havoc on the high-end servers that host my website).

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    Hi Christoperz

    Sorry you had such a terrible experience. We never had any such report in the last 4 years so it’s unlikely the conclusion is as simple as “the plugin crashed my site”.

    More likely, something on your site and weeblrAMP interfered and that interference caused the issue. Rest assured that weeblrAMP itself does not create redirect loops, that would be terrible.

    As you did not open any support ticket, we can’t know for sure but if your developer is willing to spend a few more minutes and describe what it found in technical terms, I’m sure we can figure what happened. You can always write us at

    All the best

    Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t trying to be malicious with the review. It was just rather concerning.

    I’ll ask the developer for more information. I think he’s asleep by now.

    The one feature that I was really excited about was your plugin allowing Beaver Builder themes to become AMP-compatible. Once you work out the kinks, please let me know. If everything works well, I’ll gladly change this review to a positive one. I just didn’t want someone else to have the same problem that I did. It made for a very long night.

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    Thanks for replying. You’re still assuming that weeblrAMP actually caused the problem but to be honest, that’s quite unlikely considering what you described in your first message.

    weeblrAMP is not the most installed plugin on this repository but it’s been around for 4 years with several thousands installs. The kinks have been ironed out some times ago.

    I strongly believe this is an interference either with one of your current plugins (less likley if it took down the admin) or your server configuration.

    Until there’s an actual technical assessment and the root cause is identified, blaming any party to the question is premature I think.

    Best regards

    Fair enough. I’ll try to get you the logs. All I have at the moment is a system-generated email from WordPress which referenced the plugin. You’re right that it may not be the plugin, but its interaction with an existing plugin (or the other way around, an existing plugin creating a problem with the new one). Either way, I’ll get you the logs.

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    Just the email already is interesting. Can you open a ticket in the “Pre-sale” section I linked to above and post information you have there? You can make the ticket private so as to be able to post more freely available data.

    Best regards

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