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  • I needed something to hide my plugins since they’re public, it was recommended to have a look at this plugin. It seems friendly, but with 80,000 installs I wasn’t sure. The moment I activated the plugin, my entire site was hidden from public, what I didn’t realise was that to really have everything shown, I was required to purchase the plugin.

    Just avoid this plugin and look elsewhere.

    Took me several hours to fix the mess this plugin caused.

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  • Neo


    Hi @jokerfool, well I am not a programmer and only a designer, or project developer. But i use the plugin for very big 2 sites. One site also has a forum. I also use two other security plugins. I have not been able to find any problem after countless tests. I have also installed only the free version.

    This already does a lot without Pro. If you want to reset everything at once, it is enough to click the link from the plugin or just click the reset button.

    I will also definitely buy the Pro version for two reasons. 1. the free version is already excellent and then you can use the pro version even more. Second: Every plugin has to be created as an idea in the head first and then it has to be developed. Then it has to be developed and updated. That costs time and resources. Who should do that without money? Do you go to work without money? Free things still need to be maintained. And the plugin does for the free everything that was stated here.

    I find it very unfair as an outsider to always read such things and a pity. This is also the reason why often developers stop with your great work.

    If you have no interest in the free plugin, then rate it correctly and not ala pseudo. That would be really nice and helps the user in your search and evaluation of plugins. I always report exactly about this in my blog. The users should and must be able to form good opinions.

    Thanks Cheers

    I use the plugin (PRO) on numerous websites. You must be aware, with the plugin you have to know what you set. I can not understand your review.
    And the support helps quickly and always further. That’s my experience!

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