• This plugin started deleting all my posts (not even CPTs) as soon as it was set up. Despite looking disabled in settings.
    Configuration changes did not save, showing initial settings (like expiry=off) on every reload.
    Disabling the plugin didn’t stop the deletion, only removing it completely.
    By the time I realized what was happening and deleted the plugin, I was left with over 4,000 deleted posts.
    At least they went to trash.
    But restoring them from trash takes ages, and then they’re all drafts.
    Hours of work ruined.
    Very frustrating.

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  • Plugin Author sirmacik


    That’s a really weird behavior. Maybe some plugin conflict out there. But without some specific information about Your WordPress instance nothing can be said for sure.

    It’s running successfully on few websites that I know of, but plugin is no longer actively maintained.

    I probably should put some info about it. It serves more as a working proof of concept for someone who wants this function in his WordPress.

    Sorry about your experience with this plugin.

    It happened to me too.

    is an error generated by the time format.

    When I put in expiration time 9999999999 days, ( 10 numbers 9 ) all posts are expired.
    if I put 999999999 ( 9 numbers 9 ) the posts don’t expire.

    Please, help-me with format… I altered field epw_setting_time for text ( it was hidden ) to see the returned value and the value was 1470244741 ( timestamp ).

    In general wordpress, the format time is d/m/Y.

    Help-me, please! This plugin are PERFECT for my website but I need solve this problem. Thanks!

    I got it… 🙂

    I need my posts expire in 30 days. Fixed $expiration_time in ‘2635200’; equivalent to one month and modify this code:

    $curtime = time();

    $howlong = $curtime – $postdate;

    echo $howlong;

    if ($howlong >= ‘2635200’ ) {
    $info = array(
    ‘ID’ => $postid,
    ‘post_status’ => ‘private’

    Do not delete my posts, mark them as ‘private’.

    The values “30 days” or “1 month” did not work.


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